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Day 30 - Wow!


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Well, day 30!  I've tried every "diet" known to man-kind in my 51 years!  Yo-yo dieting was a way of life for me!  My step daughter and her husband did the Whole 30 twice and I must admit, I was somewhat jealous.  What the heck was it all about?  Man, it seemed like it was hard.....no way I could do it!  So, after a trip for work where I had yet again over indulged, I decided to download the book.  I read it on the plane on the way home and decided I would start the next day.  What the heck?  I had nothing to lose.  I could just add it to the pleathora of diets I had done over my lifetime of diets.


Not the case!  I got him husband on board right away.  He has much more dedication to things than I do.  Much more will-power.  He really didn't need to lose any weight, but he was willing to eat better and I think he wanted me to do better.  I had about 50 pounds to lose.  I told myself, if I ever weighed as much as my husband, then I had a problem.  That time had come and gone!  Pitiful!


So, we started!  I was committed!  I chose meals that were similar to the ones we would normally eat with modifications based on the diet.  I'm not very adventurous with food and really didn't want to spend days upon days in the kitchen.  Our first meal was great!  We both loved it.  I thought, maybe I can do this.


First week went by and I had a couple of headaches and felt OK.  Not great, but OK.  My daughter checked in on us every day to check out progress.  Week two, I noticed my fingernails looked better.  Fingernails.....really?  Oh well, I would take what ever I could get!  And, I had more energy....That was a good thing.


The next two weeks I must admit were somewhat uneventful.  We did well but sometimes we made mistakes with the meal ingredients we chose.  One way I kept our snacking in check was to put a basket on the kitchen counter with "approved" snacks we could eat.  We could eat as much as we wanted!  That was a life saver.  That and fruit!


OK, fast forward to this past week. I have noticed I no longer crave chocolate.  Chocolate has always been my downfall!  Apples with almond butter are my snack of choice.  I have also found that fruit tastes sweeter and I don't want as much when I eat.  I have developed a taste for water......what?  Yep!  Water!


I haven't weighed.  I'm waiting until I finish, but I did measure my waist and hips yesterday just because I felt that I was doing well.  I have lost 4 inches there!  I don't know if the scale has moved but I hope it has.


Now, why did I post this?  I'm not one to do this sort of thing, but I think I have found what I have been looking for over the past 30 years of dieting.  This isn't a diet.  It's a lifestyle.  I'm going to keep doing it!  There is not doubt about that!  I can see that if I continue this journey, I'm going to be successful and healthy for once!


Thanks for endulging me in my story!

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