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Not troubleshooting - non scale victory


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I posted back on day 14, then day 21, my worry that my clothes still fit the same. I haven't weighed or measured, and most have said that for everyone it's different results, might not include weight loss. I can accept that (though in my heart I want to lose the strange 10lbs that found their way into me about a year ago and won't leave, regardless of what I do. I have been around the same weight since high school... 140-145. Always moving up and down that five lbs. now I'm 38 and go from 150-157. No Bueno!) Anyway, I have definitely seen other improvements so I've decided to be happy for them. Then yesterday I ran for the first time on Whole30. I'm not an avid runner, but about 4 years ago I did couch25K and became someone who could run. Did my first (and only) 5K maybe 2 years ago? Then was off and on running due to neck problems which required several outpatient procedures. Anyway, I've always tracked my running for miles, pace, etc. Yesterday I just ran a mile around my hood. My pace was about 20 seconds faster than any pace I've clocked in the past 2+ years. And I wasn't even trying to do that. I just wanted to run a mile without stopping. I had just come from the gym where I did upper body strength training and thought, I'm messy, let me try to run before I shower. And I ran faster than I have in a LONG time. I can't deny that it has something to do with Whole30. My body's recovery after strength training is minimal now. Almost non existent. So this, too, must be a non scale victory. Just thought I'd share.

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