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April 1st Start Date


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April 1st... Start Date


Throughout every day I drink Water infused with orange and lemon peels.  All my food is organic and/or grass fed.  I excercise daily.  Limit  my coffee to 2 cups and drink home made herbal infusions when ever I like.


Breakfast. celery onion, mushroom, scramble, sauteed in cocoanut butter,  coffee (black)


Lunch.  Veggie filled beef hamburger with green beans as a side some ghee too  large cup of steaming hot bone broth.


Dinner:  stewed tomatoes, hamburgers (as above), 1/2 yam, cup of hot bone broth.

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Day 2.  Started with Tumeric coffee, my inflamation was really bad yesterday......had some tumeric tea last night.    It has certainly helped but pain is really bad probably too much salt yesterday.  anyhow, don't forget tumeric infusion 3 times a day to see if the pain will go away, still not willing to give up eggs yet.


Breakfast.  home made sausages with zucchine.... (Sausage bites) sauteed mushrooms, onions, garlic and celery on the side. with 1/2 apple chopped in.


Lunch.  Bone Broth and big huge bowl of coleslaw dressed with home made apple cider vinigar and a touch of olive oil.


Dinner:  Pork chops with home made apple sauce, sweet potato and green salad. 


Must buy some olives I am out, can't wait till my garden is providing me with greens.  Have used up the last of my squash in the root cellar and almost everything else.  Note to self grow more spaghetti squash.  can and freeze more zucchini, peas, beans etc.  Didn't do quite enough last year.

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Day 3:  Started adding tumeric 3 times a day, mostly infused in my drinks

Inflamation down.


Breakfast.  Scramble eggs over spinch leaves, some hamburger sauteed as well, coffee with tumeric. 


Lunch:  Just craving a wilted salad.  So  saute onions and veg in some ghee, cocoanut milk.  spices.  drizzled over young greens, 1/2 sweet potato.


Dinner, Didn't have the pork chops last night had chicken instead , so tonight, pork chops apple sauce, sautee'd zucchin. 


Ha still quite motivated. 

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Days 4 and 5  Stayed on track


Day 4:  Breakfast:  sausage and egg, 1/2 banana


Lunch:  won ton soup, home made without the won ton wraps.


Dinner:  greek salad, huge plate of spinach and young greens servied with pinapple and pork.


Day 5:  Breakfast:  left over soup


Lunch:  couple eggs and salad


Dinner:  Left over Turkey from Christmas, cranberries,  ooh sour, mashed taters, spaghetti squash, greek salad


Today:  Monday, don't know yet what I am having but took out the weeks meats to defrost in the fridge,  some hamburger a chicken, pork and moose steaks for the week..  Low on greens and butter... Have to find my way to town,  Yuk  town is an hour away...

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Tuesday: Day 7


Breakfast:  bowl of apple sauce from my apples unsweetened of course


Lunch:  Soup 


Dinner:  Hamburger skillet made with zucchini, onions garlic, celery, sliced tomato and sweet potato

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Day 8  checked my blood pressure and blood sugar...both are still a little high, but pretty good for me


Breakfast:  2 fried eggs softly done over 1/2 boiled potato


Lunch:  Zucchini noodle turkey soup


Dinner:  Moose steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions. boiled carrots and coleslaw, (dressing apple cider vinigar) yum


Ps last night I added 1/2 cup of my own stinging nettles (dried from last Year) very nice flavour in our sauteed hamburger. 

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Day 9


Breakfast:  Big bowl of steamed carrots, cold from last night's dinnner.  a couple eggs.


Lunch Soup...turkey zucchini


Dinner:  Roast chicken simmered over canned tomatoes (home canned), italian spice served with sauercraut salad

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Stinging nettles that you dried!  How very cool.  I saw that you made turmeric coffee and tea - do you just add some turmeric to your coffee?  And how much?  And do you notice it helping?

:) Lots of questions!!!

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Hi Emma:  Yes the turmeric really does help.  I take a tsp 3 times a day.  I just add it to my black coffee.  I don't mind it at all.  When I am whole9 I make myself a lovely cup of cocoanut milk (full fat)  1tsp tumeric, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp cocao, 1 tsp honey,  heat it altogether in a pot, just before bed.  so soothing.


If you dry your own stinging nettles (you may know this)  be sure to use 1st years and of course use leather gloves.  once they are dried they don't sting.  

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Day 10:


Breakfast:  Chicken, zucchini soup full of veg.


Lunch:  Chicken salad with mayo


Dinner:  Nutmeg Meatballs, with curry sauce over coleslaw....................have got to go shopping out of veg and garden hasn't kicked in yet.  Can't wait.

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Ps.  Further to my totally organic house.  I have now added Himalayan pin salt to our stores.  Still have some left over stuff to use up.  I don't waste anything and my hubby is so good for that.  ha.   Had some at a friends the other day and it didn't seem to bother me at all.  Sea Salt. table salt always bothers my legs and make my pain worse, adding to an already inflamed body.  

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Oh forgot to post day 11 and 12


Well Saturday I was pretty sick all day, don't know why.  Ate soup.  Had an orange


Sunday April 12th.  


Breakfast.  soup  (still feeling yucky)  Home made Turkey Stinging Nettle tea with Ginger


Lunch:  Soup  same tried a little coffee.  


Dinner:  Curried Chicken on coleslaw.  Peppermint and Ginger tea.

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Well feel much better today, Wonderful thing about clean eating is that when you do get a bug or whatever, it sure doesn't last long...  Lots of apple cider vinigar. olive oil/lemon juice and stinging nettle tea, just in case it was a kidney stone.  Don't get them too often but this works great.  I don't eat anything to cause them but sometimes one will rear its ugly head.  This combination of  ingredients relieves the pain and dissolves then quick. Dawned on me yesterday it might be a kidney stone.  Nasty painful.  but all but gone today.


Day 14:  

Breakfast:  still with soup


Lunch:  chicken salad, with olives, green peps, onions, mushrooms, romaine, leaf, dressing.  yum


Dinner:  Sausage sliders made with,  Shredded zucchini, carrots, onions & garlic (ground fine), stinging nettle, tumeric, s & P sauteed in olive oil slowly.  served with apple cider coleslaw (cabbage, carrots, chives (from the garden)

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Making my husband Canadian yellow split pea soup.  I of course won't be having any.  Hmmm what soup to make for meeeeeee......Something different but what.  I must dig in my freezer,  something tomato perhaps, well that will be in the root cellar,  yes, Tomato, Garlic and Carrot with Italian spice and of course Stinging nettle for pain relief.  Garnet, My husband is a grain eater, he gets a little tired of my soups, but is a trooper and eats them anyway...

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Day 15:   Yesterday went well, going to my Nephews for Dinner they were going to buy A & W chicken, but I said I would make my Sausage sliders with Cranberry and Orange sauce.  Yum


Didn't eat any eggs yesterday and my pain level is down quite low. "Haven't ate any nightshades either.... Hmmm.  Ok back to no eggs, no nightshades for the rest of my whole30 and see how the pain is.  Gosh I love my wonderful eggs...  and they get fed only organic .. and my tomatoes.....  oh well if that is what is causing the pain it would be worth it not eating them.  Ok Tomatos are my favorite food on earth...  We shall wait and see and give it a chance. Sad.....


Breakfast:  home canned salmon, fried mushrooms, garlic and green onions in coconut oil, stinging nettle tea with ginger root.


Keeping up with the pain med:  ie:  2 tblsp of olive oil, 2 tblsp.  squeezed lemon juice, 1/4 cup apple cider viniger (about 3 times a day) Stinging nettle and Ginger tea throughout the day at liberty.  Repeat Olive oil treatment as pain re-occurs.  (this is not muscle & joint pain I am addressing, it is either Pleurisy pain or a kidney  stone,  either way this works well.  I get pleurisy from smoke and we have been burning outside.  Used to be cigarette smoke was the only thing that gave me it but now any smoke can bother.  Don't think it is a kidney stone, but this pain med combination works really well. and totally whole30.  I will not take prescription anything unless life or death in hospital, do what you want to me dying situation.  Drives my Doc nuts.  Ha..


Lunch:  I was going to have some canned tomatoes (not much else left in the pantry) but as I am cutting out eggs don't want to confuse myself if nightshades are causing my pain.  will try some again at the end of my whole30.  Sooo what for lunch our cupboards are pretty empty and my garden is not yet growing.  We live an hour from shopping, will go tomorrow,  Budget is pretty Bleak too.  Ha 


Soooo Lunch today.  Coleslaw and Salmon,  


Dinner:  Moose steak with hmmm I hate it when we don't have too much left in the pantry... Oh found some green beans, more coleslaw, boiled potatos, (they are nightshades so won't eat them, just for hubby  "  Pretty much down to the last of those from the garden.  (Note to self grow more, can more)  One onion left, sautee that with some big garlic cloves and dehydrated Kale from garden.  Ok that should be good.  


Pain level holding on "LOW" so far today it is 10:30 am Pacific time.  


Note to shelf:  List of Nightshade family fruits and vegetables.  Oh I love em all  sooooo sad.


Potatos, tomatos, peppers, tomatillos, eggplant, (hate it anyway)OM Goodness Sweet Potatos and Yams are not nightshades  Yay  I did not know this.  All the studying research I never thought to check  That makes me soo happy.  I know what I am buying tomorrow.  Hmm  Can I grow them up here I will find out.  The berries I eat are ok.  

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Hmm, thought I posted on Friday, I must not have hit post:  


Travelled to my friends this weekend for a visit.  Packed, chk breast, banana, veg to snack on the 5 hr drive.  Had roast chicken for dinner, with cabbage and mashed potatoes, .  Ate whole30 the whole weekend, did have some eggs on Saturday though.   I am not sure if it added to my pain level or not.  Sure tired of pain.  


Monday. Day 20.  Had to weigh myself, I know........  up 3 lbs.  Why you ask,  I know why.  too much fruit.


Breakfast.  slice Daikon chips. 


Lunch.  Pork Ground,  salad


Dinner.  Not sure yet.

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Day 21:  Yesterday, huge pain day and had to work two jobs made for very very long and painful day....


For Dinner last night I had a cup of spicy meatball soup.


Day 21 Breakfast:  Baked Sausage, roasted carrots, onions and potato


Lunch:  Making soup, not sure what kind today


Dinner,  Going to have sauteed hamburger and mashed sweet potatos with carmalized onions and mushrooms  I think.

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Day 23.   I blew it big time last night.  Why I ask myself.  Depression, worry, anxiety. no matter how hard i try I seem to be aimed to feel sorry for myself. Errg.. Well get up and fight I say.  so today,  it is anti Candida whole 30 all the way  I am starting this today (have already)  I only did a whole22 this month but,  I am patting myself on the back.  Try try again.  I think Candida is taking me over.  too much fruit and potatoes I know this but some how I think because it is whole30 this is ok and my body will straighten itself out.  But it can not.  I must get rid of the Candida overgrowth.  Went to the doc for more blood tests etc. just in case my extreme pain is something I might need help with.  All my other blood work is good ie:  cholesterol etc.  

I am finishing off my whole30 for April even though I have to restart.  Then May first I will officially start my ANTI Candida whole30.  


Day 1 of restart to finish.


Breakfast:  2 eggs fried in cocoanut oil, 1 carrot, onion & cauliflower sauteed in cocoanut oil, Himalayon salt and organic pepper, coffee with cocoanut milk (full fat)  comfort food for me today, extremely depressed, on the scary side.  


Lunch.  & Dinner I will post tomorrow.  Finishing work then going out to garden as pain will allow.


Going on Anti Candida means veg and meat with very low carbs,  I will allow myself one carrot a day to keep sugar levels  even but not enough to flair up the Candida..  I have chosen first thing in the morning for that.  No fruit or starchy veg at all for 3 months.  I am going to kick this candida in the ass once and for all.  

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I knew it would take me a few days to brush up on my anti Candida diet.  I know carrots are a no no.  so No to carrots, I will miss you for at least 3 - 6 months.  I will add you and apples back when the time comes.


I had Sauteed hamburger, onions, garlic and celey with green cabbage slaw for lunch today.


Cause I am lazy I think I will have this for dinner as well. Hubby will add some home made spelt bread and we are done. for today

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