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April 1st Start Date


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Today my partner Shane and I started our first Whole30. We are both quite active, whether its going to the gym or going hiking and enjoying the beautiful city that we live in. We have always eaten relatively healthy, just not as whole ingredient or organic. We thought it was time to make a positive change in our health and eating habits. It is seriously crazy how many foods have added sugars, starch or unnecessary/harmful ingredients. We are excited to start this new life-long journey eating whole foods that are organic and meats that are grass-fed and grass-finished. This is not just a 30 day challenge to us, it's a lifestyle change for the better! We will try to post photos of every meal as we absolutley love to cook! We make EVERYTHING from scratch. All part of another program using REAL food. Site is called Live Simply. :)


Today we woke up half an hour earlier in order to make breakfast and do our daily devotions. It is new for us to eat at the table without Netflix being our entertainment. It is a nice change to sit at the table together and enjoy conversation with a great meal.


Breakfast: Sunny side eggs with 3 pieces of low sodium bacon, 1 naval orange and a glass of water.


Lunch: Left over ground Buffalo with spinach, sweet potato, coconut milk and a side salad.


Dinner: Rosemary chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, and a spring salad with home-made balsamic dressing.


I drink around 1L of water a day and herbal organic teas at work.


Will be a challenge not to snack as I sit at a desk all day



We are excited to start this new journey and look forward to the support from family and fellow Whole30'ers on here :)

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I started mine today as well!   Living in Ecuador, South America makes it easy to find fresh produce... but there are just somethings that can't be found, like delicious low sodium bacon, so I just opt not to eat any.  Am still a little nervous due to my Hypothyroid condition, but putting all my positive attitude to make it work.


Breakfast:  meat with onions, brocoli, and carrot strips, 1/4 avocado, chamomile tea (of course with no honey) Delicious.  Setting my head up on thinking of meal 1, meal 2 and meal 3 - really blows my default brain idea that I need to eat milk, bread, cheese, etc... for breakfast :)


Lunch:  Breast Chicken soup with vegetables, ginger, garlic, basil.


Dinner:  still thinking...


Forgot the fruit today, but will surely add it on tomorrow.


Happy, Happy, Happy... day 1!

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If it is too rough, I know snacking is not recommended but Melissa did write an article saying if you need to snack on hard boiled eggs and veggies.  Easy to pack with your lunch.  You are still young and do need your nutrition.  Increase your meals too so you don't get hungry and won't need to snack so much.  Be sure to follow the food quide and don't forget any food group. Unlike me you guys need the volume

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