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Agar agar


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It's not in the spirit of the Whole30... technically all the ingredients are compliant, but we do not support remaking cheese just as much as we don't support recreating baked goods... it's called SWYPO and it's a sometimes gray area.  You're doing this program to change your habits, so leave the fake cheese alone for 30 days... it'll be there for you when you're done.

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24 minutes ago, Caroline MW said:

Hi Kirkor

Thanks for reply. Your opinion goes against what a moderator wrote in this thread about vegan cheese.  


@kirkor just cut to the chase. It's worth quoting what LadyShanny said in that thead:

Whole30 is a food elimination diet and an opportunity to reset your relationship with food. For the most benefits, and to experience that reset, regard "no dairy" as no cheese, real or fake.

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