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Made it to Day 31!


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Well today is the day…officially on Day 31! I don’t have enough positive things to say about my Whole 30 experience. I have learned so much about my personal eating habits, and can now confidently say that my relationship with food is dramatically better than it used to be. Although a treat every now and then is great, I now realize that bread, sweets, dairy, alcohol, etc. do NOT need to be an everyday thing.


Personal Victories:

-          12 pound weight loss (so far)

-          Clothes are fitting IMMENSELY better, no more tight pants and sleeves on my shirts J

-          I’ve suffered with acne on and off for the last 13 years, and am happy to say my skin is clearer and brighter than it is has been in a very, very long time

-          I have given up my addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper (which used to be about 2 a day) and have no plans to have one again

-          Tons of more energy in the day, working out early in the morning is also helping with this to keep me energized throughout the work day, along with sleeping like a dang champion

-          In general…I am just a much happier person today, than I was 30 days ago. Excited to keep on in this journey!


I am already having withdrawals knowing I won't be receiving any more daily Whole30 emails...absolutely loved them! :-D

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