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Nightingale 13 weeks pregnant W30


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Just using this food log to ensure I eat enough. I have no idea how to track my calories, etc.


M1: 1.5 eggs scrambled with ghee and bacom grease, topped with 1 tbsp sauerkraut and 1.5 tbsp compliant salsa. 4 Applegate sausages. 8 asparagus spears cooked in ghee/bacon grease. About 2oz baked potato topped with 1 tsp ghee.

Walk/run (1/3 running)

M2/snack: palmful of almonds, palmful plain coconut chips, palmful blueberries.

M3: 3 lettuce, turkey, guac rolls (4 oz turkey, 3.5 tbsp guac, 3 large leaves lettuce). 1 med sweet potato, 2tsp ghee. Bubbies pickle.

M4: is going to be zucchini soup from Well Fed and buffalo chicken drumsticks.

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