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BK's 2nd w30!


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Hi everyone! This is my log for my 2nd w30. I completed my first in July 2014 and had fantastic results! Things have gotten a little out of hand lately, so I figured now would be a great time to start a new round :)




Started out with my acv and lemon water before a work meeting, then onto food prepping/shopping. I guess my eating habits were way worse than I thought because I kept having to mentally stop myself from buying many, many things at the store. It reinforced the fact that this was truly a good decision to restart this program.


Meal 1: 4 scrambled eggs, handful of strawberries, coffee with coconut milk


Meal 2: coconut cream larabar, veggies and guac, water (on the road so not ideal but ok)


Meal 3: 2 grassfed burgers, one with avocado and the other with lettuce, tomato, mustard and compliant pickles, a berry LaCroix  and a kiwi


So today was a little tougher since I didn't plan things out the best. But I drank lots of water and kept my cravings in check. I also had my husband grill up a bunch of food for the week to munch on so theres no excuse for protein this week!



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Day 2


Today was ok. Trying to get back to successfully navigating the w30 while working nights will be an adjustment-sodas and the vending machine have gotten the best of me lately at work :( so tomorrow I will need to focus extra!


Meal 1: leftover burger with guac, strawberries, acv and lemon water just after waking up


Meal 2: another burger (they just tasted soooo yummy!) with mustard and pickles, broccoli and carrots with guac, water


Meal 3: roasted chicken, green grapes, carrots and broccoli, water


Snack: coconut cream pie larabar, coffee with coconut milk on my commute to work


I felt pretty good today-strong in my food choices. I can see that veggies will still be my obstacle, but I will tackle this! I've also been making sure to get in some activity this round. The weather has been lovely and my old workout friend is back in town for the week so we've been going on long walks to catch up on each other's lives :) It's been great and the walks have been really helping to improve my mood. I've really struggled with seasonal affective disorder this winter and I can't wait for it to release it's grip on me! Here's hoping to a good day's sleep tomorrow and staying on the right path!

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Day 3


Today was a little tough. I did not get great sleep today, but I did sit in some sunshine! I started getting a headache as the afternoon/evening went on, but by 1am at work it was horrendous! I was super grouchy and angry-my poor coworkers! 


Meal 1 (at work): green grapes, black coffee, roasted chicken, carrots and broccoli with guac


Meal 2 (when I woke up): boneless pork chop, green salad with romain, green pepper, and cucumber with Tessemae's, strawberries, coffee with coconut milk


Meal 3(back at work): chia pudding (1Tbsp chia seeds mixed with 1c coconut milk and handful of shredded coconut), more green salad as mentioned above, green grapes and strawberries


Water intake was good (I even was able to drink 4 cups of water at work). I also had a cup of tea through my shift. Veggies intake was fair. I just have not been as prepped as I'd hoped for work meals.


I knew heading in to this round things would be tougher, but I was completely blindsided by that headache! I should've been better prepared for it. I was grumpy because I was tired, my food wasn't appealing, and everyone else ordered out pizza and subs:( How could I not be ready to kill all the things??? lol I just kept telling myself that this is my body's way of telling me 'yes, BK, you've overdone it on crappy food for waaay too long and I need to make you pay for it so you remember this pounding headache and stop making less than ideal food choices for yourself in the future'...or something similar :)


So here's hoping I wake up after a short nap with no headache! 

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Day 4


I came home from work and promptly put myself to bed. I slept for about 3 hours and then naturally woke up. No headache at all! I didn't even feel the usual 'night shift plague' which was lovely. I then ran a few errands and came back home and had my acv/lemon water. I am happy to feel the fog lift in my brain too-clear thinking is the best :)


Meal 1: 4 scrambled eggs, 3 pieces compliant bacon, apple, coffee with coconut milk


Meal 2: beef fajitas with lots of veggies, salsa and guacamole


Water intake was solid today-I did have 1 LaCroix sparkling water also


I am loving the feelings resurface as I go along this program! I remember how much easier I found w30 once the physical symptoms dissipate,like I know this is all just temporary and the great feelings are just around the corner! Tomorrow I have a daylong work meeting so I'll have to navigate the hospital cafeteria-wish me luck!

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Day 5


Today was pretty darn great, if I do say so myself ;) I successfully navigated the food situation at my work meeting and had good energy throughout the day, despite not resting well last night due to some serious storms passing through ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Ugh. So I was pleasantly surprised at my steady energy in spite of very interrupted sleep.


Meal 1: coffee with coconut milk, chia pudding as mentioned before


Snack: Coconut cream larabar (not ideal but better than the donuts and bagels placed before me)


Meal 2: Salad with spinach, grilled, chicken, avocado, tomato, olives, green peppers (it was originally a wrap but I ordered it without the wrap or dressing-it made a pretty good salad)


Meal 3: another big salad with lettuce, chicken, olives, tomato, compliant bacon, avocado, and hard boiled egg with an herbed olive oil dressing. 


Water intake wasn't great today, but I didn't bring my water bottle and I had minimal access to vending/water station


I'm feeling great, really, and I hope to do some meal planning/prep for the upcoming week tomorrow. Veggie intake has been great today-I'd love for this to be my normal veggie intake every day! If only I weren't so sporadic about prep and lazy about making my own salads...

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I'm gearing up to start another (much needed) Whole30 on Monday.  Reading your posts about the headache and physical issues brought some memories home.  I wish I was already eating well in preparation for that sugar withdrawal, but I've been doing the opposite!  Glad you got through yours.  Sounds like you're doing a really good job getting back on track.

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Day 6


Meal 1: 4 scrambled aggs, bacon, coffee with coconut milk, fresh pineapple


Meal 2: salad with romaine, green pepper, uncured pepperoni, olives with some Tessemae's


Snack(commute to work): apple with pecan butter


Snack(at work early): larabar with pecan butter


Not too bad today-my energy is pretty nonexistent though. My brain fog is gone, which is great! The positive about the low energy was that I could nap before work anyway :) Work went well even though I was pretty tired all shift. I drank tons of water too!


Day 7


Meal 1 (at work): green juice I made with kale, spinach, cleery, lemon, apple, iced coffee, water, apple with pecan butter, seasnax, larabar


Meal 2: 2 grassfed burgers, one with guac and the other with mustard and pickles, grilled asparagus 


Snack: larabar with cashew butter with a side of olives while my husband was grilling for me


Not too bad today...other than sleeping too long to enjoy my Easter Sunday :( I also felt like I was run over by a truck, but once I got up, man was I hangry. My poor husband saved the day with his grilling skills. Energy wasn't great (see above) but my head is clear and I feel focused. I drank plenty of water. I could've been better about my veggies, but the day just really got away from me. On the plus side-we bought some camping gear and patio chairs ;)


Tomorrow I plan to catch up on some chores and eat leftovers haha :)

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Day 8


I definitely used the day to recoup from a busy week/weird work hours and catch up on my laundry. Much needed, might I add. My energy is sapped and I'm just so flipping apathetic! I don't care about eating, exercising, anything! I am the epitome of blah right now. Meh. Whatevs. However you describe it. I need to revisit my first log because I'm kind of thinking this happened before. I think it's the transition into seeing food as fuel, not pleasure. Absolutely a good thing, for sure! 


Meal 1: acv and lemon water, coffee with coconut milk, chia pudding with coconut milk, chia seeds, and unsweetened coconut flake


Meal 2: BLT boats (romaine leaves topped with chopped bacon, tomato, and compliant mayo. And they were damn tasty;P), some extra bacon and an apple with cashew butter with coconut water 


Meal 3: Chicken breasts baked with a cajun spice rub, asparagus, olives


Lots of herbal tea. I felt very 'snacky' today. I knew I wasn't truly hungry, just bored. I have been mindlessly wandering throughout my day. And I feel bloated. Boo! 


Here's hoping this attitude gets adjusted soon! Happy Monday!

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Day 9


I just can't seem to kick this blah feeling!


Meal 1 (at work): apple with pecan butter, lots of water


Meal 2: scrambled eggs, bacon, black coffee


Meal 3: blackened chicken and shrimp with mushrroms, onions, and potatoes and a big green salad


Work went by super fast- I was only there for half of my shift and had to go out on transport, so it sped by and I had only gotten to eat my apple beforehand, so that meal was short some avocado wrapped in turkey. Then I had a work meeting until noon and I was over it. I am feeling just indifferent about life currently. I'm not hungry in the least, but everything I can't have sounds so freaking good right now! I know this will go away too, but man is it annoying :/ 


I am staying the course and hoping that I make it through the next couple of days. Then I'll be feeling great (I hope!) :)

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Day 10


Meal 1 (on the go...Ineed to plan my breakfasts better): coffee with coconut milk, apple with cashew butter


Meal 2: big salad with chicken, egg, avocado, olives, tomatoes, bacon with an herb vinaigrette


Meal 3: 2 burgers with lettuce, tomato, mustard, pickles with a baked potato and side salad


Still feeling frustrated with my apathy. I know this is part of the process and it will soon pass, but I am focusing on what I can't have right now. I try to redirect myself, but it isn't working. I stare longingly at junk food. I fantasize about soda. I think 'just one sip/bite/taste won't hurt'. And then I sigh and move on, without caving into the craving...this feeling has been especially tough this round. I'm not sure why. Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty ok physically-less bloated, a smidge more energy, clearer head. I just keep feeling deprived. My mental ties to food just won't die, I guess! Ugh. But I'm staying strong and not giving up-I know I will feel better soon and I am really tired of food having this bizarre power over me. So off to bed I go-tomorrow is a new day :)

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You think adding in some carbs like a sweet potato at breakfast might help?  I hate eating breakfast, but I know that after my last Whole30, I always seemed to cheat or have more cravings on days where my breakfast was kind of cursory and not very filling.  It always seemed odd because I don't like eating in the am, but the days I did turned out to be my better days overall.


I keep having to catch myself from licking my fingers when I'm making food for the kids.  Who doesn't lick up the remaining peanut butter after spreading it, or lick the knife!!  :) Thankfully, I catch myself in this big dramatic swoop before I do it, but it's rough. :)


Food does have crazy power doesn't it.  I like seeing it as an addiction instead of as some moral weakness on my part.

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You think adding in some carbs like a sweet potato at breakfast might help?  I hate eating breakfast, but I know that after my last Whole30, I always seemed to cheat or have more cravings on days where my breakfast was kind of cursory and not very filling.  It always seemed odd because I don't like eating in the am, but the days I did turned out to be my better days overall.


I keep having to catch myself from licking my fingers when I'm making food for the kids.  Who doesn't lick up the remaining peanut butter after spreading it, or lick the knife!!   :) Thankfully, I catch myself in this big dramatic swoop before I do it, but it's rough. :)


Food does have crazy power doesn't it.  I like seeing it as an addiction instead of as some moral weakness on my part.

That is a great idea Emma! I have sweet potatoes on hand for sure, so I will try that next week. I really just need to get my butt in gear and make egg muffins/egg cups like I did last round so breakfasts were never even an issue. 


I struggle with my kids too. They make it so easy to cave-and they beg to go out to eat or for ice cream all the time! I say no, but my husband often caves, which doesn't help one bit :/


I guess I just feel more deprived this time than last. I know it's truly all in my head and it will get better, but man is it a tough habit to break. I don't know if Isee it as a weakness, but I absolutely see it as something that has an abnomally strong hold over me...

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I've been working all weekend, so I need to play catch up with this log :)


Day 11


Meal 1: a deconstructed wrap with eggs, salsa, and guacamole, herbal tea


Meal 2: roast beef with homemade whipped potatoes, side salad


Meal 3: grilled chicken salad, homemade trail mix, cold brew coffee


Not feeling too bad today! I think the haze is actually lifting and I'm feeling my normal self! Thank goodness-I was kind of over myself and my whining! 


Day 12


Meal 1: larabar with cashew butter and flaked coconut, coldbrew coffee with coconut milk


Meal 2: my very favorite salad with greens, chicken, egg, bacon, olives, tomato and avocado with herb dressing


Meal 3 (at work): green salad, more homemade trail mix, watermelon juice, herbal tea, coffee, water 


I struggle during my back to back night shifts to get enough sleep and eat enough food, especially veggies. I think I have done ok so far this time around! Sleep has been just ok, but miles better than before I started this bout of w30. I have been lucky that my husband has been supportive and has been helping me by making salads and stuff, so that's been such a weight lifted off of me. 


Day 13


Meal 1 (on the commute home): larabar with cashew butter and flaked coconut


Meal 2: coldbrew coffee, more of my awesome salad!!


Meal 3 (at work): watermelon juice, grassfed hot dog with mustard, carrots and guac


I'm hanging in there-one more night to go! And then other than a work meeting on Tuesday I'm off for a whole week! Yay!

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Day 14


Another night shift day...


Meal 1: hash with sausage, onions, muchrooms, peppers, and 2 eggs on top with a side of potatoes


Meal 2: coffee with coconut milk, larabar with cashew butter


Meal 3 (at work): carrots with guac, homemade trail mix, herbal tea



Day 15


Meal 1(on the way home): larabar with pecan butter


Meal 2: 3 grassfed hot dogs with mustard, watermelon, coffee with coconut milk


It is so difficult navigating meals with night shifting. I know I should've eaten more and more veggies in particular. Water intake was fine. My sleep was a little better this weekend and my energy has been fine. I wasn't as tired as I have been after getting up in the afternoon. 


I'm off for the next week with the exception of a work meeting Tuesday afternoon, so I'm hoping to have a lot of time to prep, recoup, and charge ahead! I'm glad that the temptation period has passed and the cravings also. I just need to get a little more creative this week with my meals to prevent the boredom :)

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Day 16


Meal 1: 3 uncured , compliant hot dogs with mustard, homemade juice of kale, cucumber, ginger, lemon and kiwi, coffee with coconut milk


Meal 2 (on the go): larabar, more juice


Meal 3: grassfed steak, mashed potatoes, garlic green beans


I felt great today-no headaches, grumpiness, tiredness, etc. Sleep was ok-I woke up for awhile in the middle of the night, but it's almost that time of the month. I've been tracking my cycles and I always have 2 nights of mild insomnia before I start my period. Weird, but that's been consistent fot the last year.


Day 17


Meal 1: coffee with coconut milk, leftover steak 


Snack: larabar. almonds


Meal 2: frittata made with bacon, kale, green onions (SO YUMMY)


Ok, here's the deal. It's that time in my w30 where I just have no appetite and basically have to force myself to eat more than 1 meal per day. I know the past couple of days weren't great, but I have been a little late in recognizing my lack of intake. I haven't been quite as diligent in the logging department as last time and it definitely shows. But otherwise, no cravings or negative symptoms along with good energy levels, so I'm a happy girl :) I wasn't even interested when my husband brought home some carrot cake and ice cream! 

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Our friends offered us their ice cream machine.  At first I declined because we have NO space for one and we've never needed one in the past, but then I started thinking about the paleo ice cream possibilities, and while I'm not having them on Whole30, they might be a nice family treat during regular life that keeps me eating clean and is a plus for the kids.  So we took the ice cream machine and now it is just sitting like a big monster on our counter with no other place to go!!! 


My kids are also going out to eat Friday night.  It bums me out.  I gave them my blessing, but I sure would like some of those salty fries!  I'm reminding myself, however, that I will also really like having the home to myself for just a bit.


Interesting about the insomnia before your period.  I've noticed that my dreams get super vivid and long right before mine happens.  


Congrats on the good energy levels and plugging along at this second Whole30!!

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@Emma  I'd love to get an ice cream machine for the summer! I have the book Dairy Free Ice Cream that I haven't had a chance to make anything from yet, so hopefully I'll get the chance in a few weeks :)


I have been wishing more than anything for a w30 fast food restaurant haha! I know it defeats the purpose, but it would be so nice to have one! My friend who is finishing up her 2nd w30 and I have been comparing notes and we laugh about the trials and tribulations of the w30 journey. It's nice to have a real life friend who knows exactly what I'm going through. I even inspired her to do her first w30!


I'm also happy to say that I've been feeling like working out again. I have had a pretty dysfunctional relationship with exercise for the last several years. I had bought in to the whole caloric restriction/over-exercising BS that I finally just completely burnt out. I look over my TimeHop posts over the years and it's so heartbreaking to see how focused I was on burning calories and restricting myself. I would only exercise if I could burn at least 500 calories and 1000 calories would be ideal. It was so destructive! So I stopped regularly exercising back in July just to give myself some time to heal and recover from the damage I had done. But for the entire week I've been compelled to run and be active, so I'm really embracing it! It feels good to be kind to my body now. 

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Oops-busy weekend! I need to play catch up..again :)


Day 18


Meal 1: leftover frittata, coffee with coconut milk


Meal 2: meatballs with tomato sauce, apple


Snack: coconut water, larabar (after a run)


Meal 3: more meatballs! And a boring salad


I'm feeling good, sleeping better, have energy, feel zero appetite. All meals were 'forced'. This will get better, I know it will.


Day 19


Meal 1: herbal tea with gelatin added, larabar (on the go this morning)


Meal 2: giant salad with egg, chicken, compliant turkey, bacon with olive oil vinaigrette


Meal 3: At my son's birthday dinner. He wanted to go to a Japanese steakhouse. So I was thankfully full from my big, late lunch. I did have some green tea and some plain chicken. It was a little awkward though. Dining out on w30 isn't the easiest...but I was happy to see Aidan devour his sashimi and sushi :) No cake for me either! And I felt good about it! 


Day 20


Meal 1: coffee with coconut milk, bacon, raw veggies with guac


Snack: coconut water, homemade trail mix, apple (post-run)


Meal 2: ribeye with asparagus and some clementines


I'm feeling good! Sleep is amazing these last few nights! My appetite still isn't 100%, but I am getting hungry sometimes at least. Maybe it's the physical activity that I'm doing lately that's spurring my hunger. Maybe it's just the abscence of cravings that make it weird. Either way, I'm feeling pretty in control of my relationship with food and that feels fantastic! I can't believe I'm already 2/3 finished!

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Day 21 (wow, 3 weeks done already?!?)


Meal 1: bacon and eggs my husband made. With some coffee with coconut milk


Meal 2: big green salad with grilled chicken, baked potato, iced tea


Snack: chai, herbal tea with gelatin


I didn't eat so much today, but I slept in a bit and then the day was on the go from there...Water intake was good. I felt good today, too! I sometimes think how boring that sounds, but happily so! There are worse thing I could consistently feel like and 'good' isn't too bad :)

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Day 22


Meal 1: bacon, herbal tea with gelatin, handful of berries


Meal 2: apple with pecan butter, olives, coffee with coconut milk


Meal 3 (at work): broccoli with guac, Epic bar, black coffee


Water intake was great today. I napped before work and was productive, getting quite a few things checked off my to-do list today! Then I worked the night shift which went relatively quickly. I didn't even get too tired ;) I even got to chat with my friend who just finished her 2nd w30. We talked about how this round was different than our firsts and what our goals were foolowing the 30 days. She also told me how her mom was going to do a 3rd round soon and how much better her whole family feels! I love knowing this program can be such a life-changer!


Day 23


Meal 1 (after napping): 2 burgers with compliant ketchup, mayo, and mustard with pickles and half of a baked potato


Meal 2: giant salad with compliant pepperoni, salami, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and a vinaigrette. With a LaCroix


Herbal tea to end the day


Today was also productive in it's own way. I have a tendency to procrastinate, especially with tasks I feel are unpleasant. So it takes me ages to accomplish minor things at times. But I put on my big girl panties and did everything today. It felt great! I hope I can keep this up-the stress in my life decreases monumentally when I stay on top of things... :)

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Day 24


I had a class day today and didn't sleep the greatest for some reason, which led me to oversleep slightly:( 


Meal 1 (on the commute to work): tea with gelatin, larabar with pecan butter


Meal 2: giant chef salad with compliant bacon, turkey, egg and veggies, herbal tea


Meal 3: 2 burgers with compliant mayo, mustard, pickles and ketchup and a side salad


Today was nice. It was kind of lovely to have a relaxed day of work during nomal hours. I wish I had more of those...


Day 25 (yikes, already?!?)


Meal 1: coffee with coconut milk and gelatin, leftover salad


Meal 2: same salad as yesterday, it was tasty :)


Meal 3: salad with grilled chicken, veggies plus a baked potato


Today's veggies were on point! I wish I could get it together for this template every day! I am feeling good-my sleep hasn't been super lately, but I hope that will resolve soon. I didn't get the usual energy slump in the afternoon like I usually do for these classroom days which was great. I felt focused and sharp. And ceritified for another 2 years haha!

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Day 26


Meal 1: tea with gelatin, Epic bar, apple


Meal 2: salad with chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers


Meal 3: burger with grilled onions and mushrooms, sweet potato


I am starting to get tired of the rigidity of the program. I'm almost there and will definitely stick it out, but I get so monotonous! And bored! I just want to crawl in a hole and finish this darn program already! Haha! But I'm feeling the benefits-my energy is consistently stable, I no longer 'need' my morning coffee, cravings are nonexistent, my clothes are looser, my skin is clear, my sleep is way better, etc. So I know w30 works. I just need to concentrate on all of the great positives! 


Oh and I've resisted birthday cake TWICE! The good kind with the yummy icing both times. Ansv if I ever saw one :D

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Sorry-gotta play catch up again :)


Day 27


Meal 1: coffee with coconut milk, salad with compliant pepperoni, salami, tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers


Meal 2 (at work): same salad as above


Feeling good-slept late because I work night shift. I tried that strategy because my energy has been so steady it's been tough to get a nap in before work. Not a terrible problem I suppose ;) I've even started having dreams again! It's been ages since I have slept soundly to have dreams. It's nice.


Day 28


Meal 1: bacon, berries, coffee with coconut milk


Meal 2: burrito bowl with steak, salsa and guac, iced tea


Meal 3: minestrone with watermelon


Only 2 hours of sleep today, bt you'd never have known:) We also hung out by the river while my oldest was in his lifeguarding class and read in the sunshine. A lovely, lovely day!


2 days left :D

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Day 29


Today was a very nice day! I had a work meeting for a few hours and then the rest of the day was relaxing with my family :)


Meal 1: Epic bar, coffee, larabar with cashew butter


Meal 2: burrito bowl with steak, salsa, and guac


Meal 3: roasted chicken, broccoli, and watermelon


I am starting to think about my goals after this w30 is completed. I think want to employ the main priciples of the program, but not obsess over how food was cooked at a restaurant and maybe add back some honey or maple syrup on occasion. But there's not many things I'm truly missing at this point. I hope that I can make great choices that make me feel good, instead of caving in when I'm tired or hungry. That will be the test :) I'm not even worried about weight loss at this time-hell, I didn't even weigh myself pre! I did do measurements and I'm looking forward to what that shows. I am resolved to not be a slave to the scale ever again. I know there's weight for me to lose, but I am happy to know that I am focused way more on overall health and wellness and how I FEEL instead of a number or clothing size. Progress!

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