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on day 33... Doing fine with food


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Having a fine time with food. 


M1 two eggs, sweet potato or a link and half of chicken sausage.  roasted peppers, carrots, or veggie scramble.  Black coffee 1 cup


M2  Protien (chicken thighs, ground beef, pork chop)  Veggies (whatever is left over from last night (today it is brussell sprouts and carrots) a plum (some fruit) or a salad.  Sometimes toasted coconut chips


M3  Much the same as M2 but have more veggies.  No fruit.


Take 1 food based daily vitamin

Drink 64 oz of water.


treadmill between 20 and 30 minutes daily in the morning. (depending on what time I get up...dog keeps me in bed)


I am not hooked on the scale.  Since starting the program, I have (as have others) noticied that my body composition is changing.  I weighed myself on the scale, but only lost about 5 or 6 lbs I think.  Again, not important to me, but I am still overweight.


So if I am eating clean, all organic things, and not hungry and really no cravings at all (except maybe when I want to relax and eat ice cream or popcorn when at the movies), How would a While 30 person actually aim to lose weight if that's what is needed?


I will stay on the Whole 30 for 60 days (another 27 days.)  I am apprehensive to add things to my diet until then.  







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Incorporate some strength training into your exercise routine in order to build muscle. Muscle is more energy demanding than fat, so the more muscle you have the more fat you burn.



Losing weight without strength training can lead to loss of lean muscle mass.  Going forward...


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Posted 15 March 2015 - 02:21 AM

A good way to test how well your body deals with legumes would be to add a palm-size portion or a bit less to breakfast, lunch, and supper for one day to see how things go. I would not depend upon legumes as my protein portion for a meal because you don't get all the same amino acids from beans as animal protein. I might eat a little less meat and a little less veggies to accommodate the serving of legumes. 


You already have a sense of how alcohol effects you? Fine. Just don't combine alcohol with anything else you are reintroducing. Any time you combine foods in a reintroduction, you lose the ability to know which one is having an effect. 


I am one of those people who can eat anything a little bit without very noticeable consequences. I avoid dairy pretty consistently because I have found it reduces the quality of my sleep. That took me years to notice. Actually, I eat Whole30-style whenever possible and go off-plan less than twice per week unless I am traveling. And when I am traveling, I still stay pretty close. 


If you follow the Whole30 meal template, you will lose weight that you need to lose at a healthy pace. The Whole30 approach is a long-term and permanent solution to being overweight. There are no short cuts that don't compromise your health and that don't increase the threat that you will gain the weight back.


Please don't fantasize that you can take a short-cut without negative consequences. Just settle into Whole30-style eating and let the magic happen month and after month until you reach a really good place. I personally lost 2 pounds per month for 15 months in a row before I stopped losing weight. I didn't change what I was eating or the exercise I was doing. I just lost weight until I stopped losing weight. Your body has an ideal point and if you follow the Whole30 approach, you will reach your ideal point. 




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^^^  That approach will work whether you have 30 or a 100 lbs to release.  Settle in, day by day.  I've witnessed that works better than doing a Whole 30, off-roading for 30 days and starting all over again.  I believe in letting a mountain of momentum work on your behalf..   A Whole 30 swings the mountain of momentum in your favor and gives you a wave to ride until it brings you to your set point and right on into the shoreline.


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