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Craving sugar on day 20!? W a rash!? Why the sugar cravings now?


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I had my WORST sugar craving on day 26 of my W30! I was surprised like you are, but I just kinda laughed at the sugar dragon because I knew that I was going to win that little battle. It's a curious thing, for sure, but I don't worry so much about why I crave certain things, I just focus on my reaction to it.

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I also got a rash on my for arm...wondered if I had yeast!?

I eat eggs w spinach and veggies abd coconut oil...black coffee for bfast

Lunch...protein w veggies and coconut oil or half avocado

Dinner meat w two veggies...usually one is a starchy one like sweet potatoe

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I am on day 23 of my Whole30, and remember feeling the same way during my period. I had been feeling extremely good in the first week and a half, and was amazed at my lack of sugar cravings, but once I hit that point in my cycle (which happened to be days 11-14 for me), my "sugar dragon" could (almost) not be contained!! I always crave chocolate that time of the month, in addition to salty foods, so I wasn't shocked once I put two and two together, but holy cow. Serious, fire-breathing dragon.

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Day 20 today for me and the only time throughout this program so far where I was haunted by thoughts of a warm banana nut muffin. But it was a lot of factors, hadn't slept due to work, was having a tough morning and my mind lingered to memories of comfort that sort of treat with a latte used to bring. The moment passed though. :)

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