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Whole 30 a go-go


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I'm always on the go. I'm in a hotel a couple times a week for work. Then I travel to do races. Before I cut out grains I was your typical chubby marathoner who lived on carbs.


I've attempted Whole30 several times but alas,didn't succeed. This time I'm doing things differently. I'm going to bring Whole30 with me when I'm traveling. Spending time in my own kitchen will be minimal. Occasionally I'll dust off my pans and cook a hamburger. Mostly I'll be relying on restaurants and filling up the hotel room mini fridge from a grocery store in whatever town I'm spending the night in.


I also have some meals from Pete's Paleo in my freezer. They will help me stay on track.


I know this way of doing Whole30 is somewhat controversial. Planning and preparing your own meals is an important component to the program. Since that's not an option for me, I'll try Plan B.


April 5 is Day 1. Which is Easter. No chocolate bunnies for me!


Today I am working on getting my fridge and pantry Whole30 compliant. I would like to say that everything is going in the trash however some stuff went in my mouth (I'm talking about you cheese and wine).


Besides sticking to the rules, my goal is to be an active participant in this forum. This is such a terrific resource, I'm thankful to have a place to visit everyday. 


Time to fill another trash bag (get out of my life paleo brownies and peanut butter!).


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Hap Hap Happy Easter!


Instead of diving face first into a basket of chocolate eggs and marshmallow peeps, my husband and I are going for a long hike. Then out to a Whole 30 compliant dinner. For me, not him. I'll be having a bunless hamburger with a side of steamed broccoli. He'll be eating something breaded with a side of something fried.


Travel is light this week, only 1 night out of town. I'll be driving so I can bring my trusty cooler. 


Hope everyone has a terrific Sunday and stay away from the chocolate bunnies!

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Thanks for the suggestion kirkor.

Sometimes I bring my kettlebells on the road, why not my grill?

BTW- I notice you have a keto Whole30 link. I'm going to read your blog, LCHF is pretty much how I eat. I  was already planning on cutting out fruit to stay keto.

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Yep keto since the 1/1 W30 and been keeping it up without any real reintro's other than a little bit of artificial sweetener in some workout powders, a little dairy (long term plan is still zero dairy), and some pepperoni-type stuff.

I'll be doing another W30 here starting soon so I can follow behind ya by a week or so. :)

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