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Reintro-ing while away visiting friends and family


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Hello everyone! 

So I am on day 26 of my first Whole30 and I feel pretty wonderful! Only problem is I'm wracked with anxiety about my upcoming re-intro. I really want to do this correctly because the major reason that I began a Whole30 is because I suspect that I have food sensitivities, mainly to dairy but also possibly wheat. So I don't want to mess up my reintro. 


Enter the problem: 

Day 30 is Friday, and Friday night I am flying into NB to visit friends from university that I haven't seen in over a year. Alcohol is to be expected. However, given alcohol's inflammatory effect, I'm nervous about this because I am battling chronic inflammation and I do not want to binge drink and suddenly give up all the progress I've made in breaking this cycle. 


I was hoping to be able to have ice cream as well while I'm away, but I don't want to reintro two things at once (booze, dairy). Unless someone else thinks I can maybe swing this?! 


Other than that I'm ok with staying Whole30 compliant food-wise with friends, but my big hangup is when I will be visiting my grandparents. I'll be with them for dinner Monday night, breakfast and lunch on Tuesday before flying home. I'm just not sure how to explain what I'm doing to my grandfather- I'm not sure he can wrap his head around grain free and dairy free, and I'm so reluctant to make him accommodate me. That being said, I absolutely do not want to mess up my reintro. 


Looking for support and maybe some tips?!  Thank you!!! 

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Booze and dairy are both quite likely to give you similar symptoms - low energy, sinus issues, etc. Don't do them at the same time and I'd recommend doing them each as a full reintro - try it one day, then eat compliant for three days or until symptoms go away. If your friends from uni try to pressure you into drinking and you don't want to, just tell them you're jet-lagged and don't want to make yourself sleepier. You're just fine without (or get a sparkling water with a slice of lemon or something when they aren't looking but turn down shots, etc.) it, now let's talk about what we've missed in each others' lives.


For staying with your grandparents, my recommendation would be either taking them out for dinner somewhere that you can have a compliant dinner (steakhouse? You might have to do some research beforehand and call the restaurant you want to go to, but if they meet your needs you can make reservations early so you can get in!) or giving them the hint NOW that you want X for dinner. Steak or grilled chicken with a baked potato and veggies is pretty easy for them to eat and just don't eat the bread they might serve.


For breakfast, can you make THEM an omelette in the morning? I don't know how early your grandparents get up but if you get up first you can always hard-boil or scramble eggs, have some fruit, maybe fry up some of the leftover baked potato from the night before?


Lunch you could always go somewhere and get a salad too.


All of that aside, you could also just go back on W30 until any symptoms from off-roading while you're visiting friends/family go away and then you can reintro. It's up to you!

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