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Whole Daily was fantastic!

Nancy Lamb Hallock

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I just completed the Whole 30 challenge and although my "diet" has been mostly paleo/primal, until this past month I hadn't seen the results I'd hoped for. It's CRAZY how great I feel, how much I've leaned out and how well I'm sleeping (a BIG deal for me), and my energy is through the roof. As the owner and sole trainer of a busy kettlebell training center, this is especially important. I'm so sold, and now have to resist sharing the love with anyone within earshot. Speaking of which, The Whole Daily emails were waaay more than I thought they'd be - super helpful and packed with good information and humor and one of them addressed how to do that (share the Paleo love) without people shutting down. The daily emails made me realize how important that daily contact with people who understand and are on the same journey is.

Also incredibly helpful: Melissa Joulwan's "Well Fed" cookbook (and blog), especially the guide to doing a weekly cook up which made putting together meals super easy. That and the Meal Maps in It Starts With Food are key to not getting overwhelmed by this "new" way of eating. Having vegetables and protein prepped and waiting in the fridge was HUGE. Spend an hour or two one weekend day and it'll save you so much time and stress from figuring out what to eat when you're hungry coming in the door from work or any other time. I like to cook, but not every day!

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