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Day 31 and you get the flu... Now what!?

Katie Rin

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I was so excited,I followed while30 to

TO THE LETTER the whole time! Tons of no scale victories and 20lbs lost.

My day 31 was Easter at my parents and my mom did the best she could to keep things on the table I could eat. I woke up that morning with a bit of a bathroom problem so I didn't eat much. By the time 7pm came around I had chills, nausea (and what comes with nausea) a fever.... Basically I had a really bad flu. It turned out to be 24 hour but I was afraid to eat anything yesterday so I only had chicken broth and 3 saltine crackers.


My stomach is literally empty.... I'm still a little terrified to eat anything let alone reintroduce anything.

What do I do!? It's now day 33.

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Aw, sorry you got sick!


Start out with gentle foods, chicken breast, sweet potato, bone broth.  I would probably go back on Whole30 for 3 or 5 or 7 days or however long it takes you to get back to eating 3 compliant, template meals a day and feeling good again and then introduce foods.  You won't know now what is bothering you because of what it is vs your stomach upset.

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