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Calling Ahead

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Okay. So, I've tried to find this info in one place but I struggled to do so. Apologies if it exists somewhere already! 


We're traveling up to Big Sur next week. I'm calling ahead and making our meal reservations, and am clearing certain menu items ahead of time. I have a few questions on how all of you tackle this. Here are a list of my concerns. 


- Sugars. How can you make sure there is no sugar ANYTHING in the food? No corn syrup sneaking in somewhere, or any sugar in any of the spice mixes. What's the eloquent way to phrase that question? 


- Oils. I know the basics of oils that are Whole30 compliant, but where I'm a little iffy is the ones that specifically AREN'T. What are the big buzz words I'm looking for here? What are the big no-nos that are common? And what are good things to look for?  


Thanks in advance!



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