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Day 1 of Second Whole30 Attempt!


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Hello Everyone!


Second time Whole30-goer, first time Forum visitor!  I began my first Whole30 at the end of January, but broke my ankle on Day 17.  Day 18 I began being constantly sick because of the pain management, so I caved and had a diet consisting of pasta and crackers for a few weeks, which spiraled and turned into milkshakes and pizza... 


But today is a new day, Day 1 of my second try.  I know I can do this!  Just need to not break anything this time...



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Let's scratch that word "attempt" out of the title....and while we're at it, let's take out "second", too.


How about we completely wipe the slate and Today is your Day 1.    You can do this.  We'll help you.


Does anything positive happen from constantly seeking comfort or immediate gratification? Oh you’ll have the initial buzz , but soon enough that's over within 5 minutes..  Embrace the suck. They don’t call it a Whole 30  for nothing.


You need to behave your way into a habit. That means get up no matter what...stay compliant. 

You need to understand how habits work and that old you (_________) will never go away because the brain likes the lazy. Writer Charles Duhigg and his book, The Power of Habit, will assist with this understanding. Buy it and read it twice. Your habits make you.


Today, you're leveling the field.   It's a new YOU and it starts with real Whole foods.  (I don't think any of it sucks, but that's just me.)



Edited from the Whole 9

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Hey kt - I started yesterday also.  Let's do this!


I had another 'day one' last Wednesday, but had some circumstances this weekend (a beautiful surprise from a well meaning boyfriend) that has caused me to have another 'day one' yesterday. (how was that, meadowlily?  LOL)


I am part of another wonderful thread of folks that all started on April 1st (the April Fools) and I will continue to hang out and post with them.  But they are all on Day 9 and I would love to also hang out with someone on the same day as me... so we can support each other as we hit the same challenges and victories together.


So here is to day two.  I am SOOOOO motivated, full of energy, and ready to tackle any hurdles that hit me (like the probable hangover we will feel this afternoon or tomorrow).  Let's share ideas to help keep each other going....


Here is what I had yesterday:

BREAKFAST: sweet potato hash browns (coconut oil, garlic powder, S&P), two eggs, 1/2 an avo and some cherry tomatoes

LUNCH: ground turkey, lots of grated broc, carrots, sliced onions stir fried with some curry powder and coconut milk, cut up cucumbers sprinkled with ACV.

DINNER: pad thai with sunshine sauce (are we allowed to DRINK that stuff... dang it was delish!

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Hello ladies

I'm on day 2 as well. I woke with a cracking headache after an uneventful day one - pretty much as the timeline promised.

I'm hoping to develop healthier habits and shift a little weight too.


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Welcome Tulip.  So sorry about the headache... but it has to feel a little bit good knowing you are right on track, right?   :unsure:


Hang in there... it is sure to pass.  Hope your 2nd day ends better than it started!!

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