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Day 62, with reintroduction started


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      I found the first 30 days went very smoothly, and I was eating a lot of foods that I like. There is a little bit of inconvenience in taking my own coconut cream when I go out for coffee and making sure that I am prepared when away from home, but other than that, it was much easier than expected. I've been on a lot of different programs in my life (I'm 65), and this one has been different: since leaving sugar alone, I have had no sugar cravings, and that is absolutely miraculous. I weighed after 30 days and had lost 15 pounds, and my heart rate was down 15 points. I had no heartburn anymore and could get seven hours sleep, which was more than usual. So I decided to do another 15 days, and that also went very well. I did another 15 days and decided that at the end of the 60 I would start reintroduction. My first thought was just to stay on Whole 30 foods for long time, but I read a piece of advice somewhere on the website that said not to just keep doing the same thing, thinking that more is better. It sounded like the voice of experience, so I reintroduced dairy yesterday, even though I am traveling. I bought a little organic unsweetened plain yogurt at a health food store and some cheese from grass-fed cows. I also had some half-and-half in my coffee yesterday morning. All is well so far today, and I plan to have two days of clean whole 30 foods and then reintroduce legumes after that, mostly because of peanut butter.

      Until the past week, I was having some fear around the  reintroduction phase. I've been on so many plans where, when I went back to more food variety, things went downhill, and I was eating my old way after not too long. I was worried that I would add back some of the missing foods and "Blow it." But this reintroduction plan seems very practical and moderate, as well as slow–in a good way.

      I've decided to send my food journal to a friend who used to be my OA sponsor, just to have a layer of accountability. Also it will help me see what could be causing any physical problems that might crop up.   I am very grateful to the originators of this program and all the people who write in the Forum area. It's been a great deal of help and support through these past two months. Thank you.

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