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Hi, My name is Sharyn and Im a 43yr old grandmother from Tokoroa, New Zealand.


I have spent the last 20 yrs as an overweight woman avoiding life :ph34r:  because getting through each day was enough, and quite frankly all I had to offer at that time.


It was enough to get up,   look after my daughter, go to work, be a good friend, daughter, sister, student and worker that looking after myself didn't factor into the equation.


Now that my daughter has left home and is raising a family of her own I have realised that if I want to enjoy my grandchildren I need to make drastic changes - especially as Id really like to see them grow up and have families of their own!!


So here I am  :P, ready to take the challenge and shift my focus to repairing the damage done by the years of neglect and work on my tired old body, with the end result being a fit lively grandmother who has the time and energy to play in the sandpit and go down the slide with my little ones!!


Day one in a few days and a lot of prep to do over the weekend to get myself in the right head-space for this!! I know I can do this and in an effort to keep myself accountable I will endeavor to keep this blog up to date with details on how Im feeling and the things Im doing and making to get me through each day.


So... Watch this space and I'll see you soon <3


Till then, as they say here in NZ - Kia Kaha   :wub:



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Yes I sure did.  Although I had to go home after two hours at work as I was feeling horribly ill and going home to sleep for 6 hours I stuck to the plan. Today I felt a lot better and have done well. 


I have been having a smoothie for breakfast, black coffee and protein and veg for lunch. For dinner it has been a serve of meat, mashed pumpkin and kumera (sweet potato) and steamed veg making up half the plate.


Im feeling good so far but have noticed that my body is needing either more fibre or fats... ;)


Thank you for asking :D

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Yeah, I think you could do with adding some fat to each of your meals - do you like avocado, or olives? They tend to go with most things... Plus the fat will keep you fuller for longer & help prevent any cravings.

Smoothies are not recommended on whole30 as the brain doesn't really register that you've eaten when you've swallowed rather than chewed if you follow? Also, they tend to be high on fruit content which can play havoc with your blood sugar levels. Lots of folk go for frittatas, or just leftovers from the night before. Think of it as meal one, rather than breakfast and you'll go a long way to finding something that will work for you.

I think most people need some tweaking in the early days to find what works for them, so keep at it & keep asking if you're not sure....!!

Glad you're feeling better today  :)

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Hi hon, thank you for your support, its greatly appreciated,


I cant eat before 10am, never have been able to even as a kid but I can drink so this is the only thing I can stomach early on. It seems to be working for me as today I have noticed the puffy under eye is much less and my skin even looks better! Just after 2 days! Well I did start cutting things out the few days before hand but still!! Im impressed!!


My pain level appears to be reduced also which is wonderful! Just waiting for energy levels to increase and I will be one very happy girl!!  Curious tho, Nuts... I have been avoiding them but are we allowed coconut milk or almond milk?? What about Brazil nuts or cashews?  I have a lovely nut meat recipe for rissoles using Brazil nuts, is that ok??


Thanks for your help :) 




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I think the moderators will tell you that you should at least *try* to eat breakfast. It's all about sending the right signals to your brain to balance your hormones in order to get your body healing & functioning properly. Many folk start off unable to eat in the mornings but manage to work their way up gradually...

Nuts are allowed but I'd limit them to including them in recipes as they can be a food without brakes for a lot of people, and they can also cause digestive issues if you're eating too many. A nut meat recipe sounds good to me though!! Yum!

Almond milk is allowed only if you make your own, and you need to read the labels on your coconut milk to make sure there are no non-compliant ingredients like carageenan in the brand you are buying - there *are* compliant ones out there, and if you search the brand name on the forums (or via google with 'whole30' ) you should be able to find if it's been discussed before.

Here's a link to the 'Can I have...?' section:


And another to the program rules:


Both of which give you plenty of info on what you can & can't have, and what you should/shouldn't be doing....

Good luck for day 3!  :)

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Yup, people who "can't eat breakfast" are generally the ones who benefit most from eating within an hour of waking. Not being hungry in the morning is a sign of hormonal imbalance. Eating (at least a little, at first) will help send the right signals to your brain to help correct that. Most people report that this gets easier really quickly once they commit to trying it for a few days in a row.

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