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First Week Learning Curve


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Hi all,

I started my Whole30 on April 3rd.  I made it to my 8th day!  Yay!   I have stuck to the plan very well and I must say it hasn't been too difficult. I've done Paleo before so I knew what I was getting into.  I bought a crockpot/slow cooker and that really helps prepare the meals that are needed throughout the work week.  Cooking almost every meal takes time and thought. 


The first few days, I had a headache towards the end of the day but rest helps that.  I have been walking an hour almost every day and took two gentle or restorative yoga classes.  They really help keep you on track mentally without over exerting. 


I even made it through a lunch outing, a birthday lunch from my boss that kept being rescheduled.  I called the restaurant ahead of time and they thankfully prepared all of their foods with olive oil, so I had a salad with grilled shrimp.  On the menu, it said the ingredients in the salad but when they brought it, it still have shavings of parmesan on top which I had to take off. 


I haven't been talking to co-workers about the Whole30.  When it came time to order dessert, I said I couldn't.  They ordered to share and asked me if I wanted a bite.  I just told them I can't do it right now, no sugar.  They then backed off, but it was tough. 


Like I said, I've stuck to the plan and have not intentionally eaten anything non-compliant.  The first week I would call a small learning curve and I made a few mistakes.  But I think that will happen to everyone.  I ate a hot dog that had dextrose, I was looking for no sugar.  Just a little while ago, I popped a vitamin because people in the office said they were sick and I didn't want to take sugar laden Emergen-C.  But the vitamin has some small amounts of molasses and soy. I won't take them again.  My husband has been very supportive but in a distracted moment while I was doing dishes, he said, here try this and I licked some BBQ sauce off his finger even though he knew it was only for him due to the sugar content. Small mistakes, but I am trying to not get hung up on them.  I'm not going to start over but I know I will probably extend beyond the 30 days. 


I know I want to continue beyond the 30 days because I feel great.  My pants are looser, my skin feels great and I am feeling a lot more positive.  So even with a few mistakes, I feel great and I am glad I found this group!


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