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No dessert for me :-)


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So, today is Day Sixteen for me and my first time dining out while on Whole30. I had decided a week ago to just not eat anything at my grandsons birthday dinner, which wasn't hard and kept me in control but today was different...

I went into the city with a bunch of girlfriends for lunch and a play. I knew we'd be gone over seven hours so I'd need to eat! I started by making breakfast a little larger than usual as insurance against getting hungry. BTW, I have not been hungry even once since I started.

Lunch today was at an incredible place with beautiful fresh food but also the most amazing desserts ever. I went online a few days ago and did a study of their menu and picked the halibut with a veggie purée sauce and seasonal veggies. I even had my son take a look at the menu online because he's an older, wiser practioner of Whole30 and travels a lot. His opinion was the same, pick the salmon.

I have to say, it made me feel so much more confident to sit down at the table knowing exactly what I was going to order. Of course they placed the basket of freshly baked, rustic bread right in front of me but I refused to even look at it. My dinner came and was both beautiful and delicious. I enjoyed every morsel of it too.

And then came the dessert menu... My friends were all very supportive and understood ahead of time that I would not be partaking of that course. Instead I ordered a cup of black coffee. The desserts arrived and of course they were passed all around the table so that everyone could try them. Here comes the most amazing part ever...

I admired the looks of each dessert because believe me, at this place, they are works of art. Never, not even for a millisecond, did I have any kind of urge to take a bite of any of them. Keep in mind, I have been a major sugar addict for over thirty years and it was as though my stomach wasn't in any way sending me desires or wants. I happily drank my cup of coffee and as we were all walking out, I felt instead, a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Wow, that really felt wonderful! Equally as wonderful as getting into a size smaller pair of jeans this morning, comfortably. What a day!!!

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