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Whole 30 #2. Hoping to stick to it this time!!


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MeadowLily-what awesome support you're giving. Thank you for the way you encourage us on the Whole30!!

jmcbn--I needed to hear the advice to stay away from nuts, fruits and nutbutters as well.

BJS12345--You can do this!!!! What an exciting event and you still have almost 20 days to reset your body and find yourself in a good place. I know what you mean by living alone......there is so much temptation with children in the house.....uggh! Distract and remove yourself whenever possible.

Keep posting.


Sarah, wordthanx.gif


If we do what we've always done....we'll get what we've always gotten.


BJS -  jmcbn is helping you on your new log but the foods, amounts look identical to your last start-up.    You have to throw the old ways out with the bathwater.  You're white knuckling it and using willpower.  This is not about perfection but progress.  There are Whole 30 tools that we all gather for our toolkits.   We have to work with these tools every single day.  So many of these tools help with the mental outlook that it takes to go beyond willpower.   


jmcbn is correct about egg whites.  You need the entire egg to digest an egg properly.  It is nature's perfect Rx and it is exactly how the Great Physician intended it to be eaten.....whole.   It's put together and constructed for the best pop of nutrition.  It is complete protein when eaten whole.


Complete proteins and good dietary fats are the coupe deVille, the ultimate best recipe for success.


Sarah.  The Whole 30 books do not steer anyone towards the nuts and nut butters for inbetween meal snacks, after meal desserts or to be used for a meal.  I don't even know where that comes from.  Nuts and nut butters are not to be used as primary fat sources on a Whole 30.  Some concepts are passed on by word of mouth out in private FB land but many gravitate towards  dried fruits (dates), nuts and nut butters. They stay there and become stuck.


Think about what that combo does for the skin after eating them for 30 days.  Dried fruits and nuts are not a girl's BFF for the complexion or results.


Stay out of the NUT RUT.  The NUT RUT will stunt your Whole 30 growth.   Sarah, if you'll use these other Whole 30 good dietary fat sources...you won't want nuts for desserts or for constant snacking. No one is going to become a chronic olive oil chugger.  Those oils above have helped me for 11 whole months. 


I had more than the college 10 to release.  I'm still a work in progress but every day I use good dietary fats is another day that I make progress.   You will, too.

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Thank you again, meadowlily, for being so direct and clear about the NUT RUT.  I am day 3 free from nuts (not an easy thing for me) :)

I like what Nadia says here....



Posted 21 April 2015 - 01:31 PM


Sad news - if something is like crack to you you probably have a real emotional attachment to it and proooobably don't need it all that much. Good news - a lot of people managed just fine and there is not better time for you to try and give it up entirely. It's actually a no science miracle here. 


Before you roll your eyes at my lecture, I will tell you that I've spent a lot of very sad days trying to give up coffee because I was truly addicted to it (cream and sugar then just black). It took some time before coming to a place where 2 cups is an absolute max I can possibly want. I CAN have as many as I please, because I am giving myself permission to. I don't because Whole30 gives you one amazing thing - being in tune with what your body truly wants/needs. 


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Thank you again, meadowlily, for being so direct and clear about the NUT RUT.  I am day 3 free from nuts (not an easy thing for me) :)

Sarah, there is a natural tendency to find substitutes for foods we're addicted to.   A Whole 30 is reasonable restriction.  

The nuts and dried fruits are the closest things to former play foods that many used to enjoy pre-Whole 30.   


Few will find beef or bison jerky nearly as exciting or fun as nuts and dried fruits.

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