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JHs Whole 30 log (2nd try)


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I made it to Day 28 last time and plan on doing a Whole 60 (or at least Whole 45) this time.  I think my body needs more time to rid the Sugar Dragons.  One my biggest problems last time was too much nuts/nut butter and fruit.  I will do better this time :-)


Day 1

B: sweet potato hash, 1/2 compliant chicken sausage and 2-3 eggs (I made 5 eggs and split with my hubbie so probably 2-3).

L:  left overs from last night's dinner - coleslaw, small amount of sweet potato and BBQ beef (all from Well Fed)

Snack: 2 TB of almond butter and Lara Bar (I know... but was really hungry and going on a hike with my family so I felt I needed something before dinner)

D: sauted cabbage, zucchini noodles, with beef and Thai Green Curry sauce (Well Fed), 8-10 strawberries

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Day 2

B:3 eggs, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and peppers, banana

L:  left over veggies with ground beef and Thai Green curry sauce

Snack: larabar

Dinner: lots of stir fried veggies and 2 chicken sausages

went overboard with some dried apricots and half an apple (no more dried fruit for me)

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