April 20- Husband and me, kids partially

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Way to go everyone! I'm a little scared about reintro. WIll have to post my fears on that page - thanks Jill for setting it up. I think I lost 6 or 7 pounds - didn't do a good job recording at the beginning. And my pants are very loose so I had to go buy some in a smaller size. Yay!


Some things I've learned and want to remember from this Whole30:

Stop licking fingers (why is this so hard? especially after touching my kids food -my automatic response has been to just lick my finger clean. ugh!)
Stop looking for snacks out of boredom (I still find myself searching the refrigerator but at least now I'm aware of what I'm doing)
It is so much easier with a support group. (thank you all!)
I like soup in a mug for breakfast  (make sure to keep an endless supply of butternut squash or sweet potato soup on hand!)

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