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Starting Today

Janae Schultz

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Well, I am beginning my Whole30 program today! I have struggled with weight my entire life. All through elementary and middle school, I struggled with my self-esteem, as bullying was a major problem in my life. However, my self-esteem because stronger as I entered into high school. I made more friends, bullying wasn't as prominent, and I also grew into my body fat. I also participated in heavy exercise sports. However, I still always struggled. Being 5'7", I ranged from 160-175 pounds. After graduating high school and starting up at a University, my participation in sports came to an end, as working and school was all I had time for. Through college, I got up to 186 pounds, still being 5'7". A few months ago, I decided enough was enough and participated in the Omninutrition program (omni diet). In just over a month, I lost 25 pounds, weighing in at 160 lbs. As of today, I have gained about 5 pounds of that back since I have fallen back into my poor eating habits. I am really excited and determined to start the Whole30 program. It is relatively similar to what I did a few months ago, however I am able to eat healthy fats and oils, and am not restricted on a 500 calorie intake. So, starting at 165 pounds, I am hoping to develop better eating habits and just feel healthy. The only way I can feel happy about my body is if I KNOW I am treating it well, no matter what my weight is or no matter what my body fat percentage is. And I'm looking forward to feeling healthy again!

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I  researched the Omni diet.     In 30 days,  you lost 25 lbs.  That's almost a pound aday and thus far, 5 have come back.


Going forward with a Whole 30,  seek out the program rules and shopping list.  Several of the moderators have those in the bottom of their "siggie" (signature).   


500 calories aday is over-restriction and a Whole 30 is "reasonable restriction".   Getting too hungry is a set up for thrill eating or a food bender binge.  Hunger comes roaring back if your body has been deprived of fuel on 500 calories aday.


The body is bent on survival and hunger for food is built into our genes.  Without it, we would be long gone.  Those genes do not turn off when calories are restricted to 500 aday...in fact the furnace is being stoked with hunger.    Hunger is hardwired into our DNA.   We are hardwired to survive.  


For 30 days, you will honor that hunger.   You will learn important factors that will weave new messages into your body and mind.   A Whole 30 is a Food Reset but the Head Reset will take you much further into the future...like waaaaaay.


This is going to be a complete change from the Onmi diet.   There will be no calorie counting, stepping on the scales or measuring out your food.  


For 30 days, you put your body into a state of starvation and lost 25 lbs.   If more than that 5 lbs should come back, you cannot be upset with a Whole 30.   Your body lost lean muscle mass on that fast pace Omni diet.


The only way to lose fat without losing your lean muscle mass with it...is to go very, very slow.   The body can only accommodate so much fat loss aweek.   Here's the kicker,  you should only ask 4 lbs a month from yourself so that you don't lose lean muscle mass.


Now I know, everybody wants 10 or 15 a month and they're just thrilled to pieces when that happens...but here's the real hindend kicker - many of them regain it just as fast as they took it off because they did not account for losing so much lean muscle mass.


You can safely lose 1 pound a week but the rest is going to be lean muscle mass.   So over the course of a month, it's very possible you lost  5 lbs of fat and 20 was lean muscle mass.   That's why the rebound weight gains comes back so darned fast.   


Here's the part that really hurts.   Rebound weight gain does not come back in the form of lean muscle mass.   It all comes back as fat.   So if all 25 were to come back on,  you're that much further in the hole.


A Whole 30 is different.  You'll have to chuck  your previous diet's rules out the window.   Don't fret,  for 30 days you will retrain your thought patterns about dieting.   You'll be healthier and wiser on Day 31.

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Hello, Janae and MeadowLily!


Forums are a first for me, but I love the idea of walking down this "journey" with others. We are social beings and I figure it will be

more beneficial (and fun!) to experience this with like-minded people. And my husband won't be my only sounding board. :)

I am 42 years old and 5'10 inches tall.  Being tall and fairly active my whole life, I have never been more than 150 pounds, but...

life has changed since I hit 40,  Combined with a new experience receiving depo shots and a slowing metabolism, I have gained

approx. 20 pounds in the last two years.

I exercise in the morning before our two boys go to school....I love running and try to run 4-5 times a week.  Other than chasing kids

around, I work a sedentary job as a Executive Director of a non-profit.  So, by the time I get home from work and taking boys to sport

practices, I tend to gravitate towards bad food choices and also have gotten in the habit of drinking wine at night. ugh! 

I am excited to start a new routine and create better habits.  Like you, Janae, I want to feel healthy and strong and not sabatoge my workout 

efforts with poor choices in the evening.  

I also want to support others, too!  I have read 'It Starts with Food' and am ready to start the 30-day Food Reset - and Head Set (like MeadowLily


Here's to supporting one another! 

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Happy that I am not alone in this new path !!


Here in London the day is almost finished and I have to say that I have succeeded on the First Day !  Looking forward for tomorrow


For all in the US time zone wish you a great end of Day 1 !!


Good Night !!

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