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Day 12 and feeling fatter than ever


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Hi, This is my first post on a forum (ever). I have been enjoying my Whole30 but am feeling like my stomach isn't shrinking at all, even though I gave up wine, sugar, etc. as prescribed. I feel fatter than ever. I CrossFit 3-4 times a week. I'm also 58 y.o., on thyroid meds and hormones. However, not too long ago, before the holidays, I'd dropped a lot of body fat/water and while the scale didn't go down, my body noticeably shrunk. All meds, etc., were the same. I'd added BP coffee to the mix around that time, exercised consistently and ate mainly protein and veggies, some fat. Then the holidays hit. Now I'm trying to "reset" on Whole30. Here's what a typical day looks like food-wise: B: 2 pastured eggs, and 3 slices of pastured bacon; or a 3-egg veggie omelet; compliant sausage. Lunch would be at least 2 palms worth of protein mixed into a salad usually with avocado. Dinner is a cooked protein--at least 2 palms worth and one or two cooked veggies. If i wait too long between lunch and dinner, I have a few bites of an RX Bar. I rarely eat starchy veggies. I thought I'd drop a ton of water weight once I gave up the wine. Any suggestions??? I don't intend to quit; i enjoy the food, but maybe i eat too much protein? Any advice is welcome.



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Hi Newbie,  I don't see any fruit on your planning?  Also add some fat to all your meals and add up some more veggies.  Remember that the portion size also depends on the energy that you need daily.


Hope this helps ;)

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The thing is if you work out that much and have thyroid issues - you might need those healthy starchy veggies.  Really.


Please keep in mind that is a 30 day program and not a 12 day program - you're kind of in the - for the love of gosling, my pants are tighter - phase.  So these feeling are completely normal.


Your protein looks good.  You could increase  your veggies - especially with meal 1.  And make sure to add a starchy veg on your workout days.


Also some perfectly healthy foods could be disagreeing with you - if you eat a lot of veggies raw, or eat a lot of broccoli, cauliflower or brussel sprouts - they could be causing some distress and make  you bloated.  Also - speaking from my experience - if I want to feel exceptionally bloated and uncomfortable - I eat an avocado.  I'm not saying this is you - I'm just saying that they could be a possibility.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it is definitely a "gosling" moment… I will try adding in some starchy vegetables and up the veggie number in general. And, I am eating more avocados than ever, so I'll definitely keep an eye out for that kind of reaction. 

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