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Nicole's first Whole30


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I started officially on Monday (yesterday) the 13th. On Sunday I went grocery shopping and prepped myself for the week. Grocery bill was high but I stocked up on some meat so I think that's probably why. Made a big batch of a veggie scramble to have for breakfast for the week (10 eggs, package of mushrooms, and a bag of frozen veggies - squash, onion, pepper, and green beans). Prepared my mason jar salads (olive oil & apple cider vinegar, cucumber, tomato, canned tuna mixed with avocado & lemon pepper seasoning, and finally spring mix). 

My first day seemed pretty good, I was hungry often and I had a headache but I feel like that must be unrelated to the whole30 because I'm not coming into this from a terribly awful diet previously, but who knows. I also felt really thirsty all day despite having lots of water and tea. 

Today seems better hunger and thirst wise. No headache as of yet. The rest of the day should be interesting, as I am looking at about a 14 hour work day. I am a teacher, but I also teach night school and then after that I am hosting a meeting where I am providing pizza/soda/brownies for the participants. I packed my own dinner (leftovers from last night) and I brought a larabar with me so I don't feel completely deprived but this will be the first time I'm staring temptation right in the face. Earlier today I went to make copies and someone had brought in soft pretzels for the staff. I had to walk out and use a different copier, I knew I couldn't sit there smelling the salty pretzels and mustard for the ten minutes I'd be in there!

I just keep telling myself that it's only 30 days, I can commit to something for 30 days!

Well as for the actual logging of my food portion:

4/13 - Day 1

M1 - eggs, mushrooms, mixed veg scramble & 1 cup of coffee with canned coconut milk

M2 - salad with tuna & avocado & a grapefruit

mini meal (M3?) - a serving of almonds and a pear

M4 - salmon with lemon pepper & old bay, roasted asparagus, 1/2 baked sweet potato


4/14 - Day 2

will be identical to the the first day because I made a big batch of breakfast and lunch, and I packed leftovers for dinner. The only change might be that larabar if I need it. 

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Hi There! 

I started on Sunday for the first time as well. So far so good, I have had a mild headache but certainly nothing unbearable. I am enjoying the food and have found just three days in my cravings are well under control. Just missing my regular glass of wine :) At this point I feel like I may be able to do 45 or 60... but we will see how I feel in a few weeks. Keep up the good work!!

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Glad to hear you are doing so well! Finishing out day 3 today and I'm feeling pretty darn good! No symptoms other than being tired but that is very likely just due to the fact that work has been busy and I haven't been sleeping enough :/

Today I had the same breakfast and lunch (no grapefruit though) amd then right before the gym I had a pear (never felt the need for the pear and almonds mini meal I had the first 2 days). My hunger seemed more stable throughout the day, but this morning I woke up ravenous! I had a spoonful of cashew butter before I took a shower it was so bad!

I went to the gym and tried to do my usual leg workout ( I did everything except lunges) but if let super shaky amd weak. Again this could be a symptom or it could be my over active thyroid rearing it's ugly head (something I'm hoping these 30 days really helps to tame) because my heart rate did seem elevated today. I'm going to keep an eye on it and possibly start taking some anti-thyroid meds just to be safe.

Dinner was tacos. Made my own taco seasoning!put my ground beef over lettuce with salsa and had a cup of microwaved (frozen) veggies on the side. To make sure I got some fat I drizzled some evoo on the salad. I was still ok while everyone else got to have taco shells, cheese and tortilla chips!

Been drinking plenty of water these past few days, making it interesting with lemon and cucumber. Looking to experimenting win other flavors of infused water for next week.

Oh and Anthony (my fiancé) and I are assuming I'm closer to the 4-5 days in the timeline since I snapped at him a bit tonight! Whoops! But reading the timeline (kill all the things) always makes me chuckle!

alright I think I've jotted down everything I wanted to, til next time.....

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