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I am a bit confused. I am on day 3 and I simply cannot eat the large amount of food recommended by the meal template on my workout days. Am I understanding that I am to eat 3 full meals (palm sized protein surrounded by veggies) 3 times a day, plus on my Crossfit workout days eat a pre workout meal and a post workout meal which are to be half of my regular meals? I can certainly try to do that, although I feel stuffed and uncomfortable.


My main problem is with my schedule. I wake up at 5:30am and get to work at 7, when I have coffee with coconut oil and a meal. I have another meal at noon, then my last meal sometime around 6 or 7.  On my workout days, I WOD at 5pm, which would mean a half-meal at 3 and a post workout meal right after which coincides with dinner time.  Is that right? I can't eat that much!


My stomach is totally bloated and I look preggo. It's only day 3 and I seem to be experiencing the effects people feel on day 7 due to bacteria in the gut being given something other than sugar to thrive on. I've been a generally healthy and clean eater, so I can't believe that on only day 3 I am experiencing this.  I have no other symptoms like headaches, which other people report. I feel pretty good other than bloated and wondering how I got knocked up by the Whole30. :)


Any recommendations on when to eat and how much? I would much prefer three smaller meals with snacks in between but I understand that is not advised.



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Hi barcq.


Depending on what your eating habits were like before Whole30 (grazing all day, lots of small snacks/meals), it can take awhile for your body to get in the groove of three larger meals.  It's actually something that you can practice and your body gets used to pretty fast.  Usually we would recommend that you create a template meal, eat as much as you can and then take it with you to eat again as soon as you are able.  It's important for your digestive system to get a break in between meals rather than having to be "on" all day long.


It is also important for your hormones to rebalance and one of the first ways of doing that is eating a template meal within an hour of waking.  Be careful with your coffee as it's an appetite suppressant and may be working against what you are trying to achieve.  Save the coffee for after you are done eating.


For the pre and post meals, if you are not hungry PRE, you can skip it.  Just make sure and check in with yourself beforehand.  The POST workout meal is really just a couple-three bites of chicken and a couple bites of sweet potato (as an example).  It doesn't have to be a lot but your body and tissues are open to nutrition right after the exercise and feeding them is ideal.


Bloating could be from the foods you're eating.  Are you eating a lot of raw veggies or cauli/brocoli, nuts, onions/garlic? Feel free to post a couple days of food including portions, fluids, sleep, stress etc and we can take a look and see if anything stands out.

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Thank you ladyshanny! Here is what I have been eating:


Meal 1 at 7am, about one hour after waking:

Zucchini egg bake - recipe here, minus the cheese: http://mealplan.primalblueprint.com/recipe/zucchini-egg-bake/ 

One hard-boiled egg

Coffee with 1 tbsp coconut oil (after meal)


Meal 2 at noon:

Chocolate Chili - recipe here: http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2009/02/22/my-favorite-chili-recipe/ 

1/2 avocado and 1/2 bell pepper

(This is a bit too rich and heavy for me so today I am switching to 2 chicken thighs with stir-fry veggies (one bell pepper, a handful of baby carrots, 1 clove garlic, and some coconut oil and olive oil) as well as half an uncooked cucumber if I have the room)


Meal 3 anywhere from 6 to 7 pm:

Italian pork roast, about palm-sized with my plate surrounded by quick-fried veggies (bell pepper, broccoli, carrot, mushroom)

2 tablespoons of  Bubbies sauerkraut


I screwed up and snacked a bit day one - almonds and some celery with almond butter. 


I am feeling less bloated today. :)

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Your food looks good! Make sure that if eggs are the singular protein that you eat enough of the egg bake (plus your HBE) that you end up eating as many eggs as you could hold in one hand without dropping.  If you make this recipe like it says, you're getting less than one egg in a serving plus about 2oz of meat so that could be a bit light.

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