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Hooray! Hooray! I Started Yesterday!


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Hello Whole30 community!


I am very pumped and nervous for what is ahead, but so far I have made it through day 1 and day 2 with very few problems, adn by problems I mean huge cravings for gluten free lemon bars at our local gluten free bakery....so good :( But I did not give into temptation and therefore am still continuing on with Whole30. I have been having a slight headache, but I have also had four tests this week and not enough sleep so that could be part of it. But other than that I feel really good. I can't wait for the results and hard work to really kick in. I usually am running and also working out but I hurt my back two weeks ago and have not been able to do really any exercise, but it has gotten a lot better so tomorrow I am hoping to run to miles and I hope that it makes me feel even better, especially since I haven't been feeling very happy and confident since I haven't been able to run. Running makes me happy. But anyway, I bought some groceries, and tried some really good recipes so far for dinner. Blueberry chicken meatballs and this really good chicken leg recipe so far for dinner. I made a lot so I have leftovers to hold me over for a couple of days. This Saturday I plan on making this sweet potato chili (no beans!!!!) for dinner, and it says it makes 10 servings so I hoping that it lasts me throughout most of the week next week. Plus chili is always better as leftovers. I'm excited for what day 3 has in store for me, especially since I am going out to eat with my grandma and then going to see a movie afterwards, but I can do this! Good luck to everyone else out there! I know you can do it!

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