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Day 5. So far, so good.


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After an old friend and I went for a hike a couple weeks ago and noticed we were quickly out of breath, we both committed to beginning Whole30 on April 12. Here I am at the end of day 5.


Day one was incredible. It felt really empowering to make active decisions about what I was putting in my body. Plus, I've been trying to get myself to drink black coffee for years (instead of pouring half-and-half in).


The days since have been a rollercoaster, but I got through a number of difficult trials. I'm a graduate student and there are often campus events with free food. I managed to get through *two* free pizza opportunities on Tuesday and a chance to drink beer on someone else's tab on Wednesday night. Everyone was sitting around the table, sipping on a fine local micro-brew, buttering their dinner rolls, while I nursed an unsweetened ice tea. It was tough. But also kind of incredible. Usually, I'd have downed at least three pints and eaten half the bread basket.


The biggest challenge so far has been portion control. Maybe to make up for all the foods I'm not eating, I feel like I'm eating a ton of what I am allowed to consume.


I also planned pretty badly. For a PhD student, I'm apparently terrible at counting. The idea was to start the Whole30 to be finished by birthday on May 8. Well, by my calculation, I'll be done May 10. Not the end of the world, but I was planning to have a big BBQ on May 9 and celebrate with a few beers. But who knows, maybe after this program, I won't even want one anymore...


Anyway, hello to all. And thanks in advance for the support.

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Sometimes people do feel they're eating a lot of food on a Whole30. Part of the reason we feel that way is because we've often been taught to eat smaller portions and limit our intake. The truth is, though, if you're eating real, whole foods, you're much less likely to overeat, because whole foods tend to trigger feelings of satiety naturally, unlike the scientifically formulated junk foods that are made to taste so appealing you can't stop eating and that don't always make you feel full, even when you've consumed hundreds of calories worth of them.


Eat mindfully and pay attention to how you feel as you're eating and afterwards. If when you eat a meal, you're satisfied and stay that way for 4-5 hours until your next meal, your portions are probably about right.

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