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Day 17 and feeling somewhat lethargic and indifferent/sad

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Hey Everyone!


So, I'm currently on my 4th round of Whole60. This is the fourth time I've done the program since 9/2013. I consider myself pretty well versed in the program. I've pretty much studied and memorized the rules and everything and follow the program well. I'm even mentoring some friends who are doing the program with me on a facebook group! Each of my Whole30's have been magnificent, tiger blood and all. However, this round has been quite different than any other Whole30 and I don't know why.


-Day 4, I had tiger blood and felt amazing! Since then, I haven't really had the same "tiger blood" feeling.


-For the last 5 or so days, I've felt tired upon waking. I'm getting 7.5-8 hours of sleep a night, as usual. 

I'm eating my meals as I should, following the meal planning template for protein, veggies, fat and some nuts/fruits. Again, no different than I have done in my prior Whole30's.


-Emotionally, I kind of feel out of whack. Today, I woke up full of energy. By the time I arrived at work, I felt super tired and sad for no reason at all. I've been scatter brained like crazy and my moods have been a little different than normal. Nothing stressful is going on in my life right now, so I don't know what that's about either.


After reading some prior forum posts the best thing I can think of, is I need more starchy veggies. Typically, I eat a fair amount of sweet potatoes. This time, I've only had them maybe 2-3 times, and regular potatoes another 2-3 times. Whereas in the past, I may have a serving every other day.


I'm not super active, I work at a desk all day. I haven't been working out, although I will be starting to add some cardio in soon (nothing crazy, just moderate to see if my mood improves.)


So, what gives? Any ideas as to what is causing this? I'm baffled because this hasn't happen to me before on a Whole30 and don't know what's causing it.


One thing I will add that is positive and a NEW thing that hasn't happen in my prior whole30's. I have had literally NO cravings for ANYTHING off plan the entire time. Zilch. Don't know why that is either.


HELP, please! Thanks!! =D

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It sounds to me like it could totally be starchy veggies!  Regardless of activity, some women need them every day.  If you're female (your profile doesn't say), depending on where you are in your mentrual cycle you might also need them more than once a day for the leadup week and the week of.


Give it a try for the next 2-3 days of having at least a fist sized serving once a day and see how you feel!

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Okay - Are you female?  Do still have your period?  If so how close are you to your period?  Because how close you are to your period will impact a lot on how you feel.


I'm not super active either and I am a person that needs to have a starchy carb once maybe twice a day to keep my energy and mood up. 


And if I am near my period - I become a walking stomach and I eat twice as much as I normally do.

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Yes, I am female..sorry for not clarifying! My periods are sporadic bc of my IUD. I had one in the beginning of the program actually.So, I'm not due for another for a couple of weeks. Although, my period was heavier and longer this time than usual. I'm also still spotting just a little But I got my IUD replaced about a couple of weeks back.

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