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Day 21: I wanted Tiger Blood but all I got was my period


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Not really a question; I just needed to complain. I was feeling awesome until last Tuesday, when I suddenly got so tired at 9pm that I had to go straight to bed. I've been exhausted  (and crazy hungry) all week and couldn't figure out why until...bam: I got my period this morning. Boo. So now I have nasty cramps, feel like a raging b*tch, and all I want to do is curl up on my couch and sleep (although I managed to drag my butt to my regular Zumba class this morning, like a complete masochist). I don't usually feel this terrible on my period, but I don't think it's Whole30-related. I'm just bummed because I was really looking forward to spending the last week and a half of my Whole30 feeling healthy and energized, but now I feel as drained and unpleasant as I did during the first few days.

So yeah. No question, in particular. Just feel like crap and am disappointed that this is cutting into my Tiger Blood time.

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EAT MORE! Seriously, in the week leading up to and of your period, you probably need to eat more and more starchy veggies at that time also. Your period being bugger this month is likely due to the hormone rebalancing that's taking place due to a Whole30 structure, don't worry, that evens out and most times is an improvement on the original.

Personally I eat the world's supply of japanese sweet potatoes during the week before and of my period because otherwise I'd be in jail. ;) Funny that around the last 2 days of my period, I have no interest in them at all and put them away until the next month. If you are starving and extra tired, crabby, emotional, grab a sweet potato and go to town! :)

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fmb16 I'm so glad you posted this. I just logged on to vent. I have been a hungry wolf all weekend, and I feel like I've just erased all the past 21days of beautiful Whole 30 bliss. I guess I'm about to get my period because my energy levels have definitely taken a nosedive since Friday. I bought two 1lb bags of cashews to portion out as part of my weekly food prep, Sunday night there's no trace of cashews in my apartment, and I live alone soo..........hmmmpphhhh!!!!

I snapped at my mum for calling me while I was studying, and I live for our Sunday morning international phone call :( so not me at all, I never PMS at all. Hormones, Hormones!!! hope I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

Good luck with yours:)

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