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Tri Girl's success story


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I went into my first Whole 30 without any major health issues other than needing to loose 15 lbs. Honestly my diet was the exact opposite of a Whole 30. Bagel for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner. Chocolate? Yes please, at least one a day. I have dieted before but that usually consisted of just eating less of my usual foods and a few more veggies or salads. I am very active. I do triathlons and Taekwondo do. This helps to offset my crappy diet.

I knew I needed to give up my sugar and carb addiction. One of the guys at work was talking about how his girlfriend wanted them to do a Whole 30. He pulled up the web site and I was intrigued. I did some research and decided to go for it. It just spoke to me. I know that sounds crazy but I knew this was the plan for me. My husband was in the same boat as me and willing to also do it.

We spent two weeks cleaning out the pantry and stocking compliant foods. Very eye opening how many products have added sugar. Can you say Boars Head deli meat? Like I said, shocking.

The first week was fairly easy. None of the headaches mostly because I gave up my daily Pepsi over the two weeks of planning.

Week 2 , never had a "kill all things" problem. A little worried cause I didn't feel like I was losing any weight. A little sluggish in my work outs as my body got used to not having sugar as an energy source. Surprised to see regular BM's this week. Mine usually fluctuate wildly between constipation and looseness. From this week on I was regular as clock work and "normal" consistency.

Week 3, now I see the changes in my body! Good energy but not what I would call tiger blood. My usual afternoon slump around 4 pm was less noticeable and I was able to stay awake at night an extra hour.

Week 4, struggled with cravings this week. Really wanted a chocolate ice cream cone. Clothes fitting much better was motivation to not give in.

The great

Weight this morning, Day 31, I was down 7 lbs! Regular BM's an unexpected bonus. Definitely better energy thru out the day.

What I could have done better

I ate way too much fruit. Definitely used it as dessert but still a success in my mind because I stayed compliant. Portion size might have been too big on occasion but I needed to stay full to avoid my cravings.

I cheated and weighed myself at the end of week 2.

Take away

I can live without most of the junk in my diet but some of it I don't want to give up forever. My goal would be to eat compliant 4 days out of the week. The other three will include dairy, grains, and desserts. If I feel myself slipping I won't hesitate to do another Whole 30.

To others I would say...You can do anything for 30 days. Knowing after 30 days I could choose to eat what I wanted made it all bearable. Try it you may be surprised what foods you can live without..

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