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Food Log for Troubleshooting


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So I posted over on the troubleshooting board that I'm having problems feeling too full after meals. It was suggested that I post a couple days of meals to see what the problem is. 




Breakfast: 3 Egg Breakfast Muffins (equivalent of 2.25 eggs, 1/2 palm of breakfast sausage, with spinach and bell peppers)

Lunch: 2 palm size servings of citrus marinated chicken breast over spinach with balsamic vinaigrette 

Dinner: 1 palm size serving of butter chicken (made with coconut milk and tomato paste) and half a head of steamed cauliflower




Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with sautéed bell peppers and onions

Lunch:  2 palm size servings of garlic mustard marinated chicken breast over chopped romaine lettuce

Dinner: 1 palm size serving of ground beef (with onion, bell pepper and homemade taco seasoning) over chopped romaine lettuce




Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with sautéed bell peppers and onions

Lunch: (Ate out at Sumo Salad) 1 palm size serving of grilled chicken (in extra virgin olive oil) on top of salad with: romaine lettuce, red onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, and sliced pumpkin.

Dinner: 1 palm sized serving of butter chicken (made with coconut milk and tomato paste), 2 cups of sautéed garlic green beans and half a cup of blueberries.




Breakfast: 3 fried eggs, 2 zucchini and sweet potato latkes (these have 1 cup of shredded zucchini and 1 cup of shredded sweet potato), and half a cup of blueberries 

Lunch: 2 palm size servings of butter chicken (made with coconut milk and tomato past) and the remaining sweet potato from breakfast steamed (about 3/4 of a small sweet potato)

Dinner: 1 palm size serving Chicken Curry with Okra, onions and diced tomatoes


I also workout in the morning every day. Usually, I skip the pre-workout meal because I still feel full from dinner the night before. I always eat the post-workout meal. These 4 days it was 2 scrambled egg whites. 


In terms of the palm size servings of meat, I measure it out after the meat has been cooked. For me, that usually means half of a large chicken breast. I live in the Middle East and the chicken breasts are quite large here. For beef it usually works out to be 1/4 pound of beef cooked down. Thanks for the help!

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Thanks for posting.


The food looks really good!


Here are the tweaks I would suggest: First, do try to get some food in prior to your workout. This can be very small, like a single hard boiled egg, but it will help your hormones get balanced properly if you eat something within the first half hour or so that you are awake. Second, you might want to take a look at reducing salad greens/adding more cooked veggies. Salad greens are very high-volume for their nutrition, so might be contributing to that "too-full" feeling you describe. Third, pay attention to how you are feeling and don't force yourself to eat to the point of nausea. I appreciate how much you are trying to "do it right" and follow the guidelines, but it is ok to wrap up that plate and put it away until later if you are feeling sick. I would rather see you gradually work up to eating full template meals in this way than to force things, just make sure when you are hungry later, you eat the rest of that meal rather than turning to fruit or nuts, etc.


FInally, although you didn't say anything about liquids, if you happen to be drinking a lot of water (especially cold water) at meal time, you might want to stop--sometimes people fill up their stomach with liquids, diluting digestive enzymes, and taking away from the bodies ability to digest the food coming at them. A big glass of water is better for between-meal hydration.

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