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Tricia's first Whole 30 begins 4/18


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Eat less processed foods

Eliminate sugar crashes

Get a handle on the Diet Coke addiction (which truth be told is not a problem in my opinion...but I drink a LOT of it).

Lose 10 pounds



See above...Diet Coke


Day 1

M1: Skillet consisting of diced sweet potatoes, yellow pepper, onion, beef tenderloin and 1 egg and 1 egg white.  Cooked in Coconut oil. 

M2: lean hamburger patty, green beans

M3: 4oz lobster tail with clarified butter, green beans

Extras: 2 small handfuls of mixed nuts/unsalted

1 sugarless applesauce pouch bought on accident (thought they were the normal cups but apparently I eat the same foods as my baby granddaughter now). LOL

TONS of iced tea with lemon. And I mean, tons of it to combat my diet Coke cravings. 

Exercise: 10+ miles on spin bike, 420 calories burned, Dance class (teacher) for 3 hours.


The first day was pretty easy except for the diet coke addiction. But I survived without too much of a headache. The smell of coconut oil in the morning was almost too much and as I hate eggs, I had to disguise them and choke them down. I don't love sweet potatoes but diced them up small and added them in to give a little carb for the morning dance classes. All in all pretty good day. Hope they are all like this. 




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Thanks, "PeachyKeen". 


Day 2 and so far so good 


M1: Squeeze applesauce pouch (Running over to Target for the Lilly Pulitzer sale and kind of missed breakfast there)

M2: Sweet potatoes fries saute'd with mushrooms and beef tenderloin medallions

M3: Baked Chicken, grilled pineapple, yellow peppers and mushrooms


Drinks: Water and Tea(Iced and hot). Tried to puree some raspberries for the tea and it was an epic fail. LOL 

1 small handful of unsalted mixed nuts. 


No real cravings yet. But it's early.

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Day 3

Rough night last night. Fainted in the middle of the night when I got up to use the restroom (common now that I am drinking so much water/tea).  


Think maybe I didn't have enough fat or starch for evening meal and that my blood pressure dropped too low. That or that I am 50 and getting hot flashes at night. Who knows. Haven't fainted in YEARS so it was very distressing. Felt crappy most of the day today too. No energy but pressing on. 


M1: Tenderloin medallions saute'd in coconut oil with sweet potatoes and mushrooms (yes I love it)

M2: Grilled chicken breast from last night cut up and stirred up in a pain with some crushed cashews and some almond butter (thought maybe like a peanut chicken). It was God Awful. Ate it anyway and wish I didn't. Felt sick for hours.  Had green beans with that. Applesauce

M3: See M1. Same thing. LOL It's what was in the fridge and the steak needed to be cooked tonight. It was delicious too, yet again. 



Feeling weak and nauseous today

Missing Diet coke a LOT in the morning



Feel better tonight

Didn't quit because I didn't feel well

Had a BM LOL

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Day 4 in the books...

M1: Egg, Apple, handful of nuts (on the go)

M2: Tenderloin steak, sweet potatoes cut up and baked with a little sea salt and coconut oil, green beans

M3: Pork chops with pineapple cooked on top (in my New Wave Oven which did a great and fast job by the way), fresh green beans with clarified butter and sea salt, pineapple


I feel good today. I think some of the faintness I had might be my blood pressure rather than blood sugar. Finding my blood pressure monitor to make sure it's not dipping too low. I am on BP meds and when I diet it can get wonky.  Today I felt really good. I was around a LOT of temptations but really feel plugged in. i.e. meeting at Panera, donuts for the kids for breakfast etc. 


Today is a good one. No headache either. 

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Day 5 in the book and feeling good today. I must get to the store to get more variety of foods. I am a person who could eat the same thing for every meal. That's not good. Pulled out my Nu Wave Oven yesterday and forgot how awesome it is. Makes meal prep easy. 


M1: Sweet potatoes cut up  and air cooked with a little Mrs. Dash and some coconut oil, grilled sirloin burger with steak salt, banana.

M2: Sweet potatoes cut up and air cooked with a little Mrs. Dash and some coconut oil grilled sirloin burger, green beans

M3: Baked lemon chicken (delicious), steamed cauliflower with clarified butter and sea salt. 


Lots of water and iced tea. 

So excited to get Paradise tea from Amazon tomorrow. It's more of a restaurant tropical tea and from everything I am reading has no sugar/sugar substitute added. It is such a treat. As a Diet coke addict, this makes me happy. 



Variety, feeling guilty eating the same things



Having no trouble at all craving carbs/sugar etc. Shocked at this, but it could change at any moment.

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Day 6. Had a good day but sort of bored and over it right now> Maybe I'm accelerated in my "sick of this" Day 10-11 prediction. But good. 

M1: watermelon, grilled sirloin burger, 1/2 sweet potato with coconut oil air cooked, green beans

M2: grilled tenderloin steak, 1/2 sweet potato with coconut oil, pear, green beans

M3: Missed this one as I was teaching dance for several hours tonight. Had a handful of unsalted nuts.

So, kind of blew it a bit with not having a full meal, but it is what it is. Life happens.

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Day 7. Good day.

M1: Filet of tenderloin, sweet potatoes with coconut oil and spices, green beans

M2: Grilled pineapple with pork chop and baby broccoli with clarified butter

M3: (late) steamed baby broccoli with clarified butter and sea salt, handful of nuts. 


Stomachache: Too much broccoli (LOL)

Lots of water and Iced tea

Feel kind of bored of it all. 

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Broccoli can be really hard on the stomach, causing cramps & bloating so you might want to mix it up a bit.

Also, nuts are a fat source on whoe30 (& can also be hard on the stomach!) so you're missing protein in meal 3.

Have you looked at the recipe sharing forum to give you some ideas for different meals so as to avoid the food boredom?


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Day 8 and Day 9

Day 8 

M1: chicken breast, sweet potatoes, onions and peppers in coconut oil (SO good)

M2: Same LOL

M3: I admit it. I skipped it. Not hungry at all and had a couple of nuts and an applesauce pouch


Day 9

M1: Grilled pork chop, pineapple, sweet potatoes, onions and orange peppers with coconut oil

M2: Tenderloin steak, mushrooms in coconut oil and steamed green beans with clarified butter

M3: blackberries, ... 


Got up too late to eat and have it count. Feel really good. Noticed I haven't had an advil in days. That is a rarity for me. Energy is good today, stomach feels good. Anxiety about traveling.

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Days 10 - 14

Had a trip to Philadelphia on Tuesday/Wednesday (days 11 and 12). Stayed on plan pretty much albeit one bottle of classic coke. I was flying and had a tight connection so had no M2 on Day 11. I packed some nuts in my purse and an applesauce pouch and had that and clearly had too many nuts. Plus my dinner (room service chicken breast that was the size of a sparrow) was awful. I got really sick on that night with horrible stomach pains. The ONLY thing I could sip the following morning was coke. I couldn't even eat. So that aside, all was well. I was able to resist having a Diet Coke on the plane and was so happy to have a salad restaurant at the airport on Day 12. You pick the greens, the toppings and the dressing. I had  a little oil/vinegar with pepper and it was great. (although stomach was still iffy).

But I'm back home and all has gone well. My son's birthday was on Wednesday and we celebrated last night. I even baked him a cake and wasn't tempted at all. And nobody cared if I had any or not. So all in all going well. 

I need to mix up the recipes a bit as I'm bored. 

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Days 15-18

As you can see, I am not posting daily. I think I am just more into the swing of things and not thinking about it all the time. So far so good but today was difficult. Really just wanted ice cream tonight while out doing errands. I think I didn't have enough at dinner so I was very tempted. 

But it's going. I'm kind of bored of it all now but feeling good.


Day 18

m1: lean hamburger patty

       sweet potatoes sautéed in coconut oil with a cut up red pepper

M2: lean hamburgery patty (was out of everything else)

        baby broccoli with clarified butter and sea salt



Didn't have a M3. Got up too late to make it worth it. That is one of the challenges.

Challenges these days:

1. Cooking all my meals. I don't like to cook and so it's a big drag to not be able to have a lot of grab and go stuff.

2. Wanting ice cream today

3. Still want Diet Coke. Really want it but it is off limits for now I tell myself. 

4. The time it takes to think about food and cook it. 



1. Not getting ice cream

2. No diet coke for 18 days (but who's counting)

3. hanging in there.

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Days 18 - 23

I am so bored with this diet. In some ways it seems like a way of life. In others, what is driving me most mad is the inability to really ever eat out (fast food wise). That seems to be the biggest challenge. Even brunch today wasn't too bad, although I have no idea what was in the foods (or added). It was at a nice place (the country club) and most foods tasted pretty much clean. 


I had great chicken tonight with lemon pepper and lemon juice grilled. Yum and some steamed cauliflower with clarified butter and then some watermelon. So that was great. I'm sure I had some additives at brunch but I'm not going to be so rigid that it ruins my life. I am happy that I wasn't tempted even a little by the dessert table. I am still plagued with wanting Diet coke and I seem to miss ice cream. Other than that, not so bad.


So, with a week to go, I am just tired to the time it takes to cook (LOL). and of not being able to crack open a diet coke in the morning. 


I do doubt that I will go back to eating the processed foods as much or the carbs and sugar though. I don't miss them and I feel so much better without them in my system. One more week!  :)

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Day 24
Pretty good day. Cruddy weather but Whole 30 wise...not bad.

M1: grilled lean hamburger, steamed green beans with sea salt.

M2: Grilled chicken with lemon pepper, 1/3 sweet potato with coconut oil and sea salt, cauliflower with clarified butter.

M3: Green beans with a little clarified butter, grilled chicken. 


Lots of water and unsweetened ice tea with lemon. 

Activity was good (taught dance and was pretty much going all day). Feeling like while I am getting close to the end, I can't imagine just jumping back into the habits of old. Drove by a Noodles restaurant and can't imagine going in there now. 


Victories: Didn't think too much about the diet today

Challenges: Just saw a pictures of hot rolls baking. Looked really really good. :)

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Try cooking up some extra of that yummy chicken to have on days when you're feeling hard pressed for time! You could toss a few extra on the grill for no more time than it took to cook up what you had for dinner. :-) I try to cook ahead one protein per week to have for "lunches" (or any meal I'm rushed). I'll cook up some chicken breasts, or some ground turkey mixed with a good tomato sauce (I've found several compliant brands). Then just heat and eat. 


Bread is HARD to get over! I'm with you on the pictures of hot rolls...that's definitely a challenge! 

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Thanks, Lady. I can't believe I only have 4 days left. It's kind of weird to even think I can eat other things again. Then again, it's not like I HAVE to eat them anymore or at least at the amounts I was eating. I have to say I do feel so much better these days. And I love the fresh cooked foods I am making. I like plain things so good meats, fresh veggies and fruits and I am in heaven. I don't think I could have survived this long however without the ability to have a sweet potato (or a 1/4 of one which is my typical serving if it's a big one). Just having that starch for one of my meals helps so much. Also loving the fruit that is allowed. I have found that I don't feel the need to snack at all like I used to. I was a boredom eater but the whole30 specifications of limiting snacks and you just get used to sitting down, taking the time to prepare and eat a proper meal and then being done with food for a while seems to really work well mentally. 

Definite challenges of running out the door and not preparing enough in advance is a problem. But overall so far so good. 


M1: 4 oz POM juice, scrambled eggs, compliant bacon (1 piece) sautéed in a little coconut oil.

M2: 1/2 filet mignon grilled outside (nice day) with fresh mushrooms and peppers

M3: 1/2 filet Mignon grilled, fresh mushrooms 1/4 sweet potato sliced and sautéed with coconut oil. and some watermelon to finish it off. 

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Day 27. 

Kind of a busy weird day. 

M1: compliant bacon (2 slices) sweet potatoes and peppers. Tasted good, but first time having bacon as more than a garnish or added to eggs that it kind of made me feel sick. too greasy. Peppers are awesome. :) 

M2: Grilled chicken breast, green beans. 

M3: Meatball with some tomato puree and salad and watermelon. 

I am getting over a broken toe and did my first spin workout in a long time. Went well, burned over 400 calories. :) 3 more days. :)



Pizza!  Son had a pizza party I had to go to. Looked and smelled pretty darn good. 

Victories: Pizza! Didn't eat any and truly didn't die not having it. It was a little hard but nothing I am not stronger than. 

The thing that got me was they were filling a pitcher of pop and the bubbles, color etc. of that big pitcher of Diet Coke almost did me in. I miss that more than anything. 

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Days 28-29:

In the final sprint now. I have not had cravings for sweets until now. LOL Isn't it crazy that they are buried in there and just knowing that the 30 days are almost up, it is like they are re-awakened? My husband said,, 'Oh so you are done on Monday? How bout we go out to lunch for quesadillas?" Are you kidding me? I didn't just purge this junk food out of my life to just start eating it again on day 1. I can't even imagine how sick I would feel. I am going to read the re-introductino process so I don't get sick. There are some things I know I will have again but hopefully in smaller quantities and occasions. I feel good. I have energy, less joint pain and my clothes feel bigger. 


Is it bad that I don't even know what I had for my meals yesterday? I know I had prime rib for dinner. :)  Yum. with green beans. 



Egg whites (2), 2 slices bacon (compliant)

yellow pepper

Grilled chicken breast, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, watermelon

No M3 since I was teaching dance, then had to jump on a mower and help mow 10 acres before the rain hit. By the time I was done, it was dinner time. So it goes. 

Tomorrow is the "last" day. Wow. I can't believe I haven't had a crumb of a cookie or a bite of ice cream and most specifically NO DIET COKE. That has been the hardest challenge to date. Have drank a lot of water and iced tea though. 

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