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Starting today 4/20 with husband (kids, optional)


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Haha that might sound weird, the husband and I are doing this together the kids we aren't going to 'make' do it but I'm sure with all the changes their diet will change some too. Last night we cleaned out the fridge and pantry so all our goodies are at our eye level and the kids stuff is down lower. We put away the chocolate and a few other treats in a box and put it up high.

We have some friends through his work that have done Whole30 and he got curious enough to want to try it so I jumped in and started doing all the research and planning. He just returned from out of town on Friday so we decided Monday was a great day to start. We are fairly active and eat "pretty healthy" but definitely see the benefits and changes we can make on this program. We both have seasonal hayfever and hope to see that decrease. We have the added challenge of living in Europe so no Trader Joes or Whole Foods or food labels in English lol. Also TONS of temptation which we've indulged in for the past year and ready to reverse some of those consequences! On the plus side the produce is pretty amazing and they ban a lot of food additives here that are allowed in the U.S. Anyway, nice to meet the other newbies! Cheers to day 1! 

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