AndiLynn 1st Whole30 Log 4/20/15


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Day 1, off to a good start. In this together with the husband so its great to work as a team and meet this challenge together. Spent last night clearing out the fridge and pantry. Put Kids stuff in places we won't have to see it or reach past it. 

0830 Breakfast: Split with hubby, 5 eggs mixed with ghee, whole zucchini, whole red onion, and some wild boar smoked bacon we got straight from a butcher only contained wild boar and salt. 

Went out to buy more meats and produce for the week. Have some meals planned through Wednesday. Pre-cooked chicken tenders already (in chili verde sauce: olive oil, jalapeno, cilantro, garlic, lime juice). Sent him to work with a big salad including the chicken, avocado, boiled egg and compliant organic salsa. 

1130 Lunch: Plate of raw veggies, boiled egg and proscuitto sprinkled with salt and pepper. Prosciutto wrapped raw broccoli is good! 

Feeling exhausted right now but stayed up too late. Going to read a bit and take a short nap with plans to go to bed much earlier tonight! I like coffee as a 'treat' or socially but I haven't been drinking it regularly so I don't miss it per se but if I wasn't on Whole 30 I'd be drinking some right now to stay awake. 

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Hi andilynn and welcome to the world of whole30!

Seems like you've prepared well which is a wise move & great to have your hubby on board for support. Adding some starchy veg (like sweet potatoes) will keep your mood stable, and be easier on your tummy than lots of raw veg... Make sure you're taking on board enough fat to keep you feeling full - and also to keep any sweet cravings at aby.

Good luck!


PS. Coffee is fine so long as it doesn't contain dairy!

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