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Post Baby Whole 30 - April 22nd Start!


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Hi there!  This isn't my first rodeo with a Whole 30, but it sure has been a minute.  One month and a few days ago I gave birth to my second baby girl.  While I didn't gain a ton of weight during the pregnancy, I got back on a MAJOR sugar kick and I just can't kick it, and it almost seems worse postpartum.  Following my first pregnancy, this is how I shook the sugar insanity and look forward to doing it again, officially starting on April 22nd!


I'm hoping the forum can help keep me honest and look forward to posting my daily meals here.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with new recipes seeing that I'm home on maternity leave and hope to have some more time in the kitchen. Maybe I'll even hit up the farmer's market during weekly shopping trips - I've always wanted to be one of those cool farmer's market shoppers. :)  


I'm going to keep my stats to myself, but am about to dive into pictures and measurements.  I'll fill y'all in on the flip side.   

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