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Starting May 1st!


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Hey everyone,


I'm gearing up to start my first Whole30 in May and I'm super excited! The end of April marks one year since I broke my leg (fibula.) I let my injury sidetrack my eating and basked in my self pity by eating whatever I wanted under the guise that it was easier and I couldn't cook for myself anyway so why not? I was walking without crutches by 2 months and without a boot by 4 months but I was still in self-pity mode. Over the course of a year I gained about 20 pounds and recently started waking up my boyfriend with my new habit of snoring. I suffer from seasonal allergies, significant joint pain in my knees (since Jr. High) and almost constant brain fog. Based on what I've been reading, Whole30 might just be the thing I need!


I have experience with going paleo, but I've never gone this strict. I've always made an exception for alcohol and dairy because I didn't think they'd be big problems. I'm dreading giving up dairy because I love cheese on pretty much everything and half and half in my morning coffee. 


My boyfriend will not be participating with me, but he's very supportive of my choices and will do his best to keep me on track when I feel like giving up. He eats whatever I put in front of him and when he cooks he's very mindful of my food options. 


I have two friends who will be doing the Whole30 with me. We'll serve as each other's direct support group and share ideas and struggles with one another. I'm looking forward to seeing how this affects each of us and our friendship as we set out on this together. 


I look forward to talking to more Whole30ers.





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Hi Katherine,


I am starting Whole30 May 2! My fiance and are getting married in October and we've both let ourselves go a bit over the past three years. My goal is to drop 30 lbs by the wedding; 40 would be ideal but I want to keep it realistic. He, of course, lost 10 lbs as soon as he declared that he wanted to lose weight. Men! He won't be joining me in this but he'll eat most of what I cook so I'm appreciative of his support.


I too have had experience with a Paleo diet but wine has always been my "cheat". I think I'm most worried about giving up that over the next 30 days! The majority of my friends are without children so we still spend a lot of time socializing so eating out is going to be hard as well but I'm determined to do this. I've started weaning myself off grains and dairy this week in preparation for the weekend which will hopefully help the transition. 


I wish you the best of luck and look forward to sharing stories and tips!





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Yay! Congratulations on being engaged and kicking off this change for yourself. Good for you. I'm glad that your fiance is being supportive of your choices. It's really important that even if they aren't doing it themselves, that they understand and respect your reasons for doing it. It's always comforting to know that they're on your side and can be relied on to keep you on track. Plus they're less likely to eat tempting foods in front of you. I bet he'll benefit from your healthy eating habits a bit too. 


Who knows, maybe when he sees your success on Whole30, he'll ask to join you in another Whole30! :)


I kicked off my Whole30 this morning by taking initial measurements and the dreaded "Before" pictures. I can't wait to see how I change. I'll be doing some meal planning this weekend and will definitely need to make some meals for the week on Sunday. If there is one thing that sabotages me it's not planning ahead. 


Oh! and I managed to find a pretty tasty half and half replacement for my morning coffee. Because, you know, priorities. https://salixisme.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/paleo-coffee-creamer/ 


Coconut milk is a wonderful thing. :)

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