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April 22 - Day 2


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I am slacking a bit and didn't post in advance of starting!


I'm 35 and have never done paleo before. I'm looking to overall improve my eating habits and yes, hopefully lose some weight as well.


Last year I cut out all meat with the exception of fish, all dairy and most sugary foods (i.e. not all sugar). I lost 16 lbs doing that. It was my own 'program' though, so I didn't reintroduce very well - in fact, I reintroduced on vacation... in Scotland.


Alcohol was the hard part. Living in NYC it's such a part of your social lifestyle. I feel that's going to be the hard one for me. That and going home to Austin and not being able to eat queso. Oh how I will miss queso. Hopefully since I will just be starting week 3, I will be past the things I hear we are about to start to experience!


Definitely didn't plan for breakfast today and found myself running to Whole Foods by my office (spoiled in NYC - thankfully) to grab some hard boiled eggs and raspberries. My former breakfast was either a piece of string cheese at the office or a quick duck into Starbucks. I forgot to even plan that breakfast!


Day 2 has me hungrier than I think I typically would be. But just filling up on fruits and veggies. Can't wait to go home and make some chili lime roasted cashews


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