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Newbe to the Whole30 program

Angela C

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Hi Angela, welcome to Whole30!  :D


Have you seen our template (linked in my signature below).  You aren't eating enough, I'm sorry to say.


1-2 palms protein

1-3 cups veggies

1-2 thumbs fat (or half to whole avocado or handful olives)

Repeat this three times a day, more if you are hungry.


Try to craft your meals so that they keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours.  If you are hungry in between, make it a mini meal of at least protein and fat, ideally also veggies.  Snacking on just fruit and nuts will leave your blood sugar erratic and part of the goal is to stabilize it and your hormones.  That stability is what can bring the magic further into the program.  :)

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Also please note that when using eggs as your main source of protein they should be the number of whole eggs that you can hold in one hand (without dropping them!). Personally I can hold 4 to 5 (depending on the day!) but I would much rather mix up my proteins.

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