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TippedDaisy Whole30 Log


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As recommended I'm starting a Log/Journal for my Whole 30 Journey.

I'm starting on the 27th of April and will be doing it along with my partner. It should be interesting.

The most challening thing will likely be giving up coffee and alcohol. It will also be very challenging cooking all the meals as my partner is unlikely to assist a lot with that.

My goals are - hoping to lose weight. Hoping to gain some insight as to how my body responds to different things (milk products, wheat etc).

Hope I can hang in there.

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You do realize you don't actually have to give up coffee, right? You can certainly choose to -- I gave it up during my first W30 when I just couldn't stand the taste without half & half in it -- but you can have it if you want.


For cooking, I highly recommend doing a weekly cookup of at least some of what you're going to eat for the week, rather than trying to prepare every single meal from scratch every day. This is what a weekly cookup might look like, and from that same blog, some Whole30 compliant weekly menus with complete instructions and shopping lists, if you want a plan to start from: Week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4. (You don't have to follow these, but if you're not used to cooking all your food yourself, sometimes it's nice to see how someone else does it.)

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