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My Second Whole30: Progress, Feelings & Meals


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This week I started my second Whole30 (third attempt), following a very successful first Whole30 last Summer (link is on my bio).


With an idea of the results I achieved last time, these are my goals:


  • Lose weight
  • Sleep better
  • Blemishes to clear up
  • Have more energy
  • Not snack


Also, I spent a lot of money on my first Whole30, buying expensive cuts of meat, pricey fruit and vegetables and eating out. So a new goal is that I eat cheaply and eat produce that's in season.


I've also stopped smoking completely, on the last one, I had the odd cigarette. 


I started on the 21st April, and spent the 20th making a meal plan and getting supplies from the farm shop.


One thing I really struggled with on my first Whole30 was meal planning, I don't like knowing exactly what I'm going to eat every day for the whole week - it seems to take the enjoyment out of eating. So instead, I bought and prepared food that I can 'mix and match' depending on what I feel like eating. (I'll write another post below with the options).


So, I'm on Day 4, what do I feel like?


Mainly exhausted, day 2 I went to sleep at 7pm, and had a good 12 hours. I'm dreading the 'Kill all things' stage as last time, I nearly did murder some members of my family.


I've also started the weird dreams straight away, last night I was shoving cheese into my mouth while shouting 'it's only a bit of dairy!', I was so relieved to wake up and realise it wasn't true!


Positive, I already feel a little less bloated, and my skin has started to clear up and I've not had a breakout yet. I've also started doing some exercise, yoga and swimming, which helps to clear my mind and reduce my stress levels (which were a big factor in my over-eating). I'm even looking forward to going out tomorrow night, even though I won't be drinking alcohol.


As always, if you have any comments or feedback, hints or tips, please comment.





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Week 1 - Food Options


As I mentioned above, instead of planning each meal, this week I've made a lot of food that I can 'mix and match', where I've picked: 1 x protein, 1 x fat, 3 (or more) x vegetables. All produce I bought was also from my local farm shop, and I picked seasonal vegetables and cheaper cuts of meat.


Protein Option


Chicken Legs (Chicken legs, with herbs, chili and garlic, cooked in the slow cooker) 

Meatballs (Ground beef made into meatballs, with tomato and garlic sauce, cooked in the slow cooker)

Moussaka (Lamb mince, eggplant, tomato sauce, coconut milk topping)


Fish (frozen)


Fat Option



Cooking fats (used to cook veggies)

Olive Oil (used for salad dressing)


Veg Option


Cabbage (sliced ready to cook)

Cauliflower Rice (portioned in freezer)

Salad leaves (lettuce, spinach, pre-mixed)

Carrot batons

Celery batons



Purple sprouting broccoli




I've found that this method has really worked for me, and as I did the prep at the weekend, it's been really easy to re-heat and put together meals (none take longer than 20mins). It also cost me half what I would usually pay out for my weekly shop.


If you've any questions or advice, let me know.



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Hi Sarah,


Your tale sounds very similar to mine.  I did a Whole 30 last June and have struggled to complete a second one since then.  I got to 17 days in November, and yesterday was day 17 of my second serious attempt when I had some cheese.


This morning I have had milk and sugar in my coffee, so I am day 0, but I have re-started.


I'm in Bedfordshire, as well, so another one this side of the pond.  Maybe we could buddy up?


Best of luck.

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I'm actually doing mine until the end of May, so we'll be doing them at the same time.


If you want an accountabuddy I'm happy to get something sorted so we can support each other through it.


I'll see if I can friend or PM you on here.



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  • Moderators

Hi, Sarahbeth15! Your food plan mostly looks good (and I totally agree about the not wanting to have every meal set down in stone a week in advance, I've never understood how people do that) -- but one thing I noticed that you might want to keep an eye on is that you seem to lack any starchy veggies, like potato, sweet potato, acorn or butternut or spaghetti squash, or root vegetables. Maybe you'll be fine without them, but most people, especially women, find they need some most days. If you find after a few more days you're still more tired than usual, or if you're hungry and craving stuff no matter how much you eat, or if you're prone to anxiety or depression at all, you'll probably see some benefit from having at least one serving of them a day. Many women find that in the week leading up to their period, and sometimes the week of, that they need even more than usual, and that's normal. Your body just needs more fuel to do all the stuff it's doing during that time. 

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Hi Shannon,


Thanks for your message - I've been doing well without starchy veg this week, but I'm planning on adding some sweet potato next week when I up my exercise levels.


I think after the stuff I ate last week my bodies glad to have a nice light menu for the week!



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I'm just north of Sheffield. Though I used to live in Leeds. I'm not doing a whole 30 at the moment but I've completed 3 ... Good luck with yours.

I LOVE a meal plan, I get agaitated if I don't know what's for dinner!!! But the fridge full of protein and veg works brilliantly here for lunches and breakfast.

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Oh dear, war of the roses anyone, I'm originally from the other side of the Pennines! :)


Great tip from the mod, on my first W30 I tried to avoid the starchy veggies, but found myself needing them, for more than one reason, so its good to know that its just normal and to be encouraged even!  Good stuff.

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I don't mind a meal plan for the day, but anything further advance loses my interest.

I've just done so well - I'm babysitting and my friend told me to order a pizza for her kid. The restaurant didn't do anything Whole30 approved, so I've watched a child eat a pizza while I ate carrot sticks and olives. So proud.

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Day 8 - Week 2


Firstly, I’ll do a quick review of last week.


I was Whole30 compliant all week, despite a few near cracking points. One was babysitting my friend’s child, as mentioned above, where I desperately wanted a piece of pizza. To be honest I’m not sure how I got through that without caving. I think it’s because I’ve told so many people at work that I’m doing this Whole30 that if I turned up at work on Monday morning and let them know I failed, it would have been really disappointing. I also had a severe craving when I went to watch the football at the weekend, and my friend was tucking into his pint and chips.


Saturday night I went out for a friend’s birthday and drank sparkling water all night, bonus is that I could drive home and probably saved myself about £50 (£70 if I take into account what the next day’s hangover takeaway would be).


I even managed a meal out – steak, jacket potato and salad. Which for once I was glad that white potatoes are back on the menu!


I found that my ‘mix and match’ food worked really well, I didn’t struggle to put together meals and always had lunch/breakfast prepped ready to take to work. I also found that I haven’t thrown any food away, and have lots of portions left in my freezer that have come in helpful this week.


Saturday morning was my ‘Kill All Things’ stage, I actually shouted ‘No’ at my alarm clock when it went off.


Today is the first day of week 2 (of 6) and I’ve woken up this morning full of cold, I also feel a bit ‘bunged up’, so I’ve been drinking lots of water and kept my meals light as I haven’t been hungry.


I have food prepped again for the week, which is similar to last week except I’ve added in some Pulled Pork. I’ve realised again on this Whole30 that I can’t stand eggs, I think it’s the texture and lack of bread soldiers. If anyone has any recipes with eggs for egg-haters, please let me know!


I’ve had a lot of support at work from my colleagues, even had one of the guys greet me this morning with ‘Day 8!’, this is really inspiring me to carry on. I also have planned a nice relaxing weekend with a friend where we are having a sleepover and I’m going to take Whole30 approved nibbles. I think as it’s the second time I’ve done this, my friends are more supportive (as they can remember the amazing results from last time) and they remember the ‘rules’, so I’m not constantly asked, ‘Can you eat this?’, ‘Do you want a bun?’, I also told the guy that goes to the deli at lunch (which does gorgeous but completely non-Whole30 lunches) not to speak to me until the end of May.


As always, any suggestions, comments, feedback welcome.



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Thanks for stopping by my log, I am supposed to be following yours, but I am not getting any notifications, so sorry for my lack of attention!


Well done on completing the first week.  Excellent work refusing the pizza.  I think half the battle is won once you've done that at least once.  You can look back and say well I didn't give in then so I am not going to give in now/in the future.  That really is a key moment :)


How's the cold?


Sounds like you have wonderfully supportive friends and colleagues.  My colleagues are pretty good, but as I have been in diet mode for two years plus sometimes they do try and tempt me.  It is easier again at the moment as one colleague's daughter has just done ten weeks of something very similar and naturally mum is very proud of her results.  It make it easier on me, and I've also given her a copy of the food template to show her daughter, so I am sure she has read it, but she more easily understands no sugar, no grains, no dairy.


I've added a couple of new things to my kitchen today - ghee, tapenade and coconut milk.  I'm trying to mix up the fats a bit.  Not quite sure what to do with the coconut milk, I mean when it say 1/4 can with a meal - how?  The ghee I stumbled across, after looking for it before with no joy, it turned up when I wasn't looking and not where I expected, but it is cheaper than coconut oil for cooking, so I'll give it a go :)


Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

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I've added a couple of new things to my kitchen today - ghee, tapenade and coconut milk.  I'm trying to mix up the fats a bit.  Not quite sure what to do with the coconut milk, I mean when it say 1/4 can with a meal - how?  The ghee I stumbled across, after looking for it before with no joy, it turned up when I wasn't looking and not where I expected, but it is cheaper than coconut oil for cooking, so I'll give it a go :)





With coconut milk - I add it into curries and sauces to give a bit of creaminess. Also, it can go off after a few days, so a good tip is to freeze it in an ice-cube tray, then use as needed. I also just made a moussaka with coconut milk instead of a bechamel sauce (thickened with arrow root) which was delicious!


I cook almost everything with ghee, I find that coconut milk leaves a strong taste behind when cooking delicate foods - it's super easy to make too!

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I'm still run down with cold - and I've really lost my appetite. I wasn't sure whether to keep with the three meals a day or eat when hungry. I decided to go with my gut (pun intended).


Yesterday's meals: 


Breakfast - Chicken and Spinach

Lunch - Moussaka and Spinach

Dinner - None (I went to bed at 6pm!)


Today's meals:


Breakfast - None

Lunch - Meatballs and salad (I didn't finish the meal)

Dinner - Fish and veg


I've stayed away from the usual cough syrups and cold remedies, and haven't noticed that I feel much worse without them, compared with previous colds. I have been having ginger and lemon in hot water though, and nice steamy baths.


Hopefully after an early night tonight, I'll be feeling better :)



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Sorry to cause confusion - it is coconut oil that I cook with.  I guess the coconut milk will come in useful in a curry type recipe.  Tried it in coffee and was not keen so I wont bother with that again, but I will get some more in for cooking with.  Thanks for the tip about using it as béchamel, DH loves moussaka and I think he would be impressed if we could have that.


I am feeling great today.  Hope your day is good :)

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I got on the scales last night, and the night before - feel like crap!


Still sticking to the Whole 30 though and determined to finish.


This weekend might be a tough one because I'm staying at a friends all weekend and going to be eating out.

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You can do this.  Do you know where you will be eating out, and for lunches or dinners?  When I was doing this before, and even when I am being strictly primal, I always tried to look at the menus in advance so I had a good idea of what choices were open to me.  Made the best decision I could and then made peace with that!


Steak is always a firm favourite for me.


I too am away this weekend, but I am camping so we are pretty much doing all of our own catering with the exception of a hog roast tomorrow night where I shall just eat the pork.


Keep up the great work :)

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Week 3 - Day 1


So, still on the Whole 30 path.


Had a good weekend, my friend and I made a curry Saturday, with saag aloo and cauliflower rice. As I was at my friends, she didn't have many things that were compliant, so I had a couple of smoothies for breakfasts. Also snacked on nuts and olives while watching films. 


This week I've done another mix and match plan, though I need to stock up on more olives as my fat. I also tried a couple of new recipes at the weekend to combat the food boredom.


Benefits wise, after a couple of weeks of bad skin breakouts round my chin, my skins started clearing up, and I've had a couple of compliments on the tone. I've been sleeping better - I fall asleep quicker, seem to be sleeping through more, and having lots of weird food related dreams. I also feel more content, I've noticed that my mood has improved, I seem to be more positive and mindful. 


I've started some exercise, I didn't want to do too much the first couple of weeks on top of Whole 30 and stopping smoking, but now I feel like I need to move more, so I'm going swimming and doing yoga. I noticed last week that I ate less green veg so I'm eating that with at least 2/3 meals a day.


On the negative side, I find myself craving foods still. I've started a list of foods I have missed so far, and I plan on having them when I finish this Whole 30. I don't think this is the right mindset, but I feel that having a week off before starting June's Whole 30 will be beneficial. I have two meals I have missed so far - one a kebab from my local takeaway, and a chicken peri peri sandwich from the local deli. On the plus side, I also have a list of foods that I enjoyed before but now have no interest in - KFC, Subways, Pasta etc. On my week off, I'm also testing myself to see how I eat without the rules. If I go straight back into old habits, I know I need to possible extend my June Whole30. If I can eat relatively paleo with the agreed treat list, I think I'll be okay. Personally at the moment, I think it's going to be a success.


I've stepped on the scales again almost every day, really wish I hadn't too. The amount I've lost so far is amazing in two weeks, and now I'm scared that I won't lose anymore and get disappointed. It's really not easy to step away from them when I see them in other people's houses.


I've discovered a new favourite drink - chai tea with coconut milk. It reminds me so much of Nepal and the amazing time I had there. I've brought some to work so I can have one each morning.


Looking forward to the next two weeks going quickly - which I don't think I should be doing, as it makes the Whole30 seem a chore. I'm trying to reset this by thinking of the positives I've experienced, and are yet to come. I really miss wine.

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