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Aerwyna | Looking to complete a successful W30 mk2 | Starting 25-Apr-15


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So, I completed (my version) of a successful W30 wrapping up 7th July last year (2014). 


I had every intention of carrying on but had planned a lunch out on day 31 - and that was enough to knock me completely off track.  It wasn't even the worst meal, it was a pub lunch that I had eaten before, the difference? I simply had some chips.


I have learned since then that eating out at that particular pub chain is not really an option for me, something in their cooking really messes with my compliance.


I began primal eating in November 2013.  I have never totally fallen off the wagon, i.e. for more than a day or two, but there have been some poor choices and bad days, but primal is my default setting.  My compliance and adherence improve every day. I suffer fewer poor choices and they happen less often. It gets easier all the time.  Sugar in my coffee and dairy, especially cheese, are still my triggers.  While I may, very rarely thankfully these days, still get the odd craving for buttered toast (and give in) I would never make bread or grains part of a planned meal or even an emergency fuelstop unless there really was no other option.


Since that first Whole 30 I have had two serious attempts to do it again, and several shorter clean-eating restarts. 


The second of these attempts ended this week. The first wobble was a marzipan petit four. I let that go and carried on. But yesterday's wobble was cheese, a restart is required.  There was a certain irony in my Whole 30 book arriving yesterday (the release date here in the UK).


This morning, for comfort (my tummy has been uncomfortable for two days) I treated myself to two white coffees with sugar.


So today is day 0.  Following the sugar and milk, I have been compliant since, but tomorrow will be day 1 - exactly 30 days to my holiday.


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