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I am on day 24 and LOVING THE WHOLE 30. But I had a last minute business trip to Belize come up and I have to leave tomorrow. I will have some times where I can choose what I'm eating but other times will be at hosted meals and I don't want to offend my host who are going out of their way to host an American. So I need help:

- Do I continue to try to do whole30 or go to "paleo"?

- Is my stomach going to freak out? What are my absolutes to avoid that?

-I can take some food with me but don't live in a city with a whole foods. I have today to make purchases.

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I'd try to stick as close to Whole30/paleo as you can without offending your hosts. If you do have a chance to say what kinds of food you like, rather than focusing on the can'ts, ask for grilled meats and vegetables prepared simply with simple, non-cream-based sauces. If you're staying in someone's home, and you're comfortable doing it, you could offer to cook a meal or two as a thank you to your hosts. That would let you be in charge of what you're eating for a meal or two, and it would give them an idea of what you eat. 


As far as whether your stomach is going to freak out, everyone is different. If you have any thought that something, like dairy for instance, might have been causing you problems before, do your best to avoid it. Other than that, I think your best bet is to not worry about it too much and not stress about it, because stress will just make any reaction you do have worse. Plus, you're just not going to be fun to be around or effective at whatever business stuff you need to do if you're worried and stressed about food.

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