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I finished my first whole 30 4 days ago and I couldn't be happier.  I'm doing a slow roll to re-introduction because I have a lot of food related issues.  I feel like my digestive system issues are pretty much non existent and I struggled with some auto immune type inflammation issues that seemed to have slowed down tremendously.  My skin looks much healthier and less dry as does my hair.  I lost 4 pounds which I feel like isn't much but add that on top of all the other improvements and I'm totally fine with it.  I was committed 100 % to the process and loved it.  I guess now I wonder how do people who need to lose more fat keep going? 

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  I guess now I wonder how do people who need to lose more fat keep going? 




And to answer your question, just keep going. No, you're not going to lose 10-15 lbs a month -- but you will lose the weight you need to lose to be healthy. If you lost 4 lbs a month for a year, you'd lose 48 lbs. Even if you don't manage 4 lbs every month (and there will probably be months where it's a bit more or a bit less, because it's not always going to happen exactly the way you want it to), you'll still be losing weight. And as a bonus, you don't have to lose the weight and then learn some whole new way of eating to maintain that loss.

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Posted Yesterday, 08:21 PM

A good way to test how well your body deals with legumes would be to add a palm-size portion or a bit less to breakfast, lunch, and supper for one day to see how things go. I would not depend upon legumes as my protein portion for a meal because you don't get all the same amino acids from beans as animal protein. I might eat a little less meat and a little less veggies to accommodate the serving of legumes. 


You already have a sense of how alcohol effects you? Fine. Just don't combine alcohol with anything else you are reintroducing. Any time you combine foods in a reintroduction, you lose the ability to know which one is having an effect. 


I am one of those people who can eat anything a little bit without very noticeable consequences. I avoid dairy pretty consistently because I have found it reduces the quality of my sleep. That took me years to notice. Actually, I eat Whole30-style whenever possible and go off-plan less than twice per week unless I am traveling. And when I am traveling, I still stay pretty close. 


If you follow the Whole30 meal template, you will lose weight that you need to lose at a healthy pace. The Whole30 approach is a long-term and permanent solution to being overweight. There are no short cuts that don't compromise your health and that don't increase the threat that you will gain the weight back.


Please don't fantasize that you can take a short-cut without negative consequences. Just settle into Whole30-style eating and let the magic happen month and after month until you reach a really good place.


I personally lost 2 pounds per month for 15 months in a row before I stopped losing weight. I didn't change what I was eating or the exercise I was doing. I just lost weight until I stopped losing weight. Your body has an ideal point and if you follow the Whole30 approach, you will reach your ideal point. 

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