2nd Day and feeling good


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Hello!  Today is my second day on the whole30 and so far so good.  By completing the whole30 I hope to be able to save my future self! At 23, I am about 80 lbs overweight, suffer from asthma, panic anxiety, and major depression. My mother has major difficulties with diabetes resulting in epilepsy and the shutting down of her digestive system!!!  however, because I am still on a college student budget, the shopping list is proving difficult. Any pointers???  

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Hi weeksie & welcome to whole30ville :)

If you have a crock pot you can buy cheaper cuts of meat & they'll come out really tender by cooking them long & slow - add a whole chicken to that crock pot and you have protein on hand for a good few days that you can add to roasted veg (buy what's in season), mixed root mash (very filliing), or whatever kind of salad you like. Look for meat/fish that's on offer and batch cook.

Tinned fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines) are cheap & cheerful & can be added to salads too, or served with a mix of something like sauteed potatoes, kale & mushrooms (all cheap) topped with eggs over easy.

Don't spend unnecessary money on dried fruits & expensive nuts/nut butters - you really don't need these.

Good luck - you got this!

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