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Tori's First Whole30 - 9/1/12


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Good for you Tori. I am sure you are seeing differences, and "normal" is a very loosely defined word in our world...LOL Good for you that you are doing this. I do hope the Sugar reduction does help. Keep it up. You motivate others too!

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So, unfortunately I "gave up" on day 23, because that's what I usually do when I set goals. For some reason I like to give up on them when I get close to the end.

But really, I was getting extremely bored with the food so I indulged in a sandwich and a donut for lunch, which turned into pizza and a piece of cake for dinner. I really indulged. I'm paying for it as I feel like total crap and my stomach has been hurting so much I can't sleep.

Anyhow, this is me checking out of the Whole30 for now. I will go back to my paleo ways, and eat as close to Whole30 as possible, while indulging in things that don't make me sick (like cheese that is organic and from grass fed cows -- not on a pizza from the local delivery store).

I did learn a lot about myself during the 23 days I participated and I will try to remember them. I'm thinking I may come back to give it another try after the month of October. I am traveling for a marathon and there will be parties, so I don't want to commit for this month.

I'm sure this is falling (mostly) on deaf ears. Thanks for your encouragement Quinn and good luck with your venture! See you later.


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