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Nicole's First Whole30


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Hi there!


I am Nicole, based in NYC, but I grew up in Austin, TX. I'm 35 and realized that it was time to change some things about:

  • My Overall Diet
  • My levels of willpower and discipline
  • My Alcohol consumption  :huh:
  • Get back to the gym more regularly
  • Hopefully lose some weight and tone up!

I saw a friend of mine catching up one day and she looked even better than usual. I asked what she was doing and she said - Whole30. So I researched and researched and decided I was in!


I am just starting this at Day 7. I am feeling great! I am actually feeling nervous that I am doing something wrong or cheating somehow because I am not experiencing most of the 'symptoms' listed in the timeline and in the newsletter. I have had two dining out experiences, but both I am pretty sure were 100% clean.


I have a few challenging events coming up:

  • This week I am traveling for work to Boston, just for 2 days. My approved snacks haven't arrived in the post yet and I am just crossing my fingers they make it by tomorrow. I am fortunate enough to be going by train, so am taking dinners and snacks and can easily do so. My client has heard of Whole30 and is being amazingly supportive, so that helps!
  • Next weekend I go home. To Austin. Land of QUESO and margaritas. That one will be a real challenge. I prepped my mother last night and she is very excited. She even wants me to make some of the Indian recipes I found from The Iron You

And I have to skip my most favorite event of the year in NYC which is sort of killing me. The Texas Chili Cookoff. It's mostly homemade chili - but I am sure that tomato sauce is laden with sugar. (And traditional chili is 'no beans' so I can get around that one - mostly, but not the sugar.) I am still in mourning for this one. 


Nicole x

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Today was Day 8. 


Day 8 was a bit harder. I found myself craving some chocolate this afternoon and man I wanted to give it. But yet, I did NOT want to give in. So, I didn't.


Breakfast: Hardboiled eggs, avocado, leftover cauliflower rice and a couple raspberries

Lunch: Giant salad with chicken, egg, avocado, carrots, green peppers

Dinner: The Iron You's Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala


The next three days aren't going to be any easier. Tomorrow is all day meetings from 8am - 5pm and then a train trip to Boston where I will be for the next two days, coming home Friday night. Wish me luck!


I did get my Barefoot Provisions Emergency Pack a day early so hopefully that will help me make it through unscathed!

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