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Starting today!


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Starting today also! Tried to start yesterday and decided there was too much tempting food in the house still. Joslyne, is this your first attempt at Whole 30? I tried last October but quickly gave in to cheating and then just gave up. I finally finished the book "It starts with food" so I thought it was time to try again!


Here's a little bit about me; I'd love to know about you!


  My name is Laura and I am 26. I worked in restaurants after graduating college and gained some weight. For the last year I have worked at an office job and it has only gotten worse. Sitting for 9 hours a day and being surrounded by "treats" my co-workers bring in is a recipe for disaster!


  Last summer I got really inspired to start running again and worked up to going 3-4 times a week, and up to 4 miles without stopping. I expected to lose some weight from all this running but I didn't! That was when I knew I needed to get serious about nutrition if I wanted to see results. I have slowly been cutting back on things like cereal, bread and pasta and have been attempting to make Whole 30 recipes. While I have been interested in eating Paleo for a while, reading the "It starts with Food" book has helped me a lot to know all the science behind it. I don't want to go back to all my old habits after the 30 days so I am going to concentrate on making lifestyle changes.


  During the week I have a lot of success with eating healthy, homemade meals instead of going out ...but the weekends are another story. My boyfriend is going to attempt to "eat healthier" but I know he won't stick to all the Whole 30 rules.


  Really looking forward to chatting with you about our progress! Check out my Pinterest board of recipes, my user name is lolasuga.


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Hi Laura,

Thanks for responding! I LOVE your Pinterest board. I already saved a bunch of recipes from it. :) I'm thinking of doing a board too. It seems like an easy way to get to recipes. 


So, about me: I'm 39 and have a 6 year-old daughter. My husband and daughter are not joining me on the Whole30. Although my daughter keeps saying, "I love your Paleo meaty foods!" I did Paleo for a few months over the winter on the recommendation of my doctor. I have fibromyalgia and Paleo can often help manage pain and fatigue. All was going well-ish until my doctor tried to add another very restrictive diet on top of Paleo (the low oxalate diet). Then everything fell apart. I was having "Paleo desserts" daily and . . . there was the teeny tiny matter of The Chocolate Problem. I was eating it ALL the time. I have *very* bad sugar cravings. Apparently, doing the Whole30 can reset your body and do away with sugar cravings. So far today I've stuck to the Whole30 - no chocolate, no sugar, etc. 


How's it going for you? What are you planning for dinner?


Can can do it!


I cooked a bunch of stuff over the weekend so I would have easy snacks and/or meals when I was really hungry:

- I really like these Bacon-Apple-Turkey Burgers (we can't have the cranberry sauce because it has maple syrup but the burgers taste great with avocado on top):



- This is a great/easy recipe for red curry w/ chicken that I make and freeze


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 I will have to look up what the low oxalate diet is... I can't imagine having to cut anything more out of my diet!


 I did some prep work over the weekend and on Monday to make the week go smoother, and day 1 was a breeze. Day 2 was easy until I had to babysit in the evening- and the kids were having spaghetti for dinner! I would say pizza/sandwiches/pasta are my biggest weakness. Their mom was so thoughtful and picked me up a salad, although I had to pick the chickpeas out of it. It was hard not to give in to temptation while we were eating dinner, but as soon as the kids were done I quickly put the leftovers away and was able to not think about it again. Sugar isn't a huge issue for me, but I'm sure I will have some cravings over the next month. I usually have an easy time with eating healthy during the work week but the weekends are another story. I have a three-day weekend starting tomorrow and I think it is going to be challenging! I love going out to eat on the weekends- so I think I am going to try to schedule more "non-food" activities for my boyfriend and I to keep us busy.


 I get 100% of my food ideas from Pinterest, idk how I would live without it! I am always looking at it on my phone when at the grocery store.

 I made this chicken in the oven on Tuesday and have eaten it multiple ways this week:


I really like the "mojo marinade" recipe.


 I made this in the crockpot yesterday and going to be eating it for lunch today. I omitted the maple syrup. Such an easy recipe!



 Also eating lots of eggs, veggies, nuts, olives and fruit. And coffee & iced tea help me deal with times when I'm not really hungry, but just "want something," know what I mean? I like to have a drink at my desk during the day as it stops me from snacking as much.


 Hope you are doing well! Send me some more recipes you are making!


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here's a GREAT recipe I made the other night. Totally yumEE. (hopefully it's not one I got from your pinterest board!)



I a hanging in there but the last few days were tough! It was my daughter's birthday and she wanted brownies with chocolate frosting and M&M's on top. But I didn't have any! Woo-hoo!


How are things going with you?

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