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Tiredness - Advice please :)

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Apologies if this has been asked before. I'm on day 7 (I previously started a w30 on 7th April & lasted 10 days before having a milky coffee, a curry, and chocolate!! - therefore I've started again!


Anyway... I felt good this morning (despite struggling to get out of bed which is always a problem for me, despite sleeping like a log) and I had a filling breakfast, and I made what I thought would be a filling lunch considering I felt hungry yesterday. So I had a small portion of a squash, bacon and veggie bake mixed with coconut oil which I heated up, and a salad (a tiny bit of sweet potato left over from breakfast, romaine, red pepper, 1 egg, half avocado, courgetti, cucumber and a dressing of EVOO & balsamic). Following this I had 1 kiwi. Now I'm sat at my desk yawning!!! Have I eaten too many carbs? Or is this the day 7 tiredness I'm experiencing? 


All I want is a nice coffee..... ARGH!


Thanks in advance, 

Sally (UK)


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I somehow doubt it as carbohydrates from veggies would rarely make you feel super tired. But you are seriously lacking protein with that meal.

Check out the meal template linked below and try to get a palm or two of protein every meal. If eggs are your singular protein, the serving is as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping, for even tiny women that's usually at least 3-4.

Also note that you can have coffee, you just can't have dairy or sugar. ;)

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